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  1. Excellent Read! "Acoustical Physics of Music"

    Home Audio Acoustics
    https://courses.physics.illinois.edu/phys406/lecture_notes/p406pom_lecture_notes/p406pom_lect5.pdf See page 19 the chart. this is why a flat sounding room sounds like . you need to boost the lows and the high's to effective get a "flat perceived" sounding room... aka... house curve.
  2. Excellent floor diffusion idea

    Home Audio Acoustics
    From what I hear the floor space is a very important area of treatment where diffusion works great on but unless it's dedicated space you cannot just have the floors lined with diffusion material so this is my work around. Ottomans! So... I'll build 2x2 2d style diffusors and will build an...
  3. Glidden Veil Gray - Simply Excellent

    DIY Screens
    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I want to thank the people here who provide such complete and thorough information so that newbies like me can create a nice screen. That having been said, I have been lurking for the past few weeks on this and another site to figure out how I wanted...
  4. looking to buy a TV with excellent picture quality

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    My goal is to buy a TV which does not fall very far from the best picture quality (within reason) available. I guess I'll define within reason to be below the cost of 3000$ (unless I'm given a convincing reason to increase that number). I would like to drive cost down by not having many...
  5. Definitive BPX Pair - excellent condition

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Hi guys, Up for sale are a pair of Definitive BPX Bipolar loudspeakers with gloss black tops in excellent condition. I've been running these in my basement theater as side surrounds with great results. I will be building new surrounds to match my new LCR which is the reason for the sale...
  6. Excellent Audio Video Resource

    New Member Introductions
    The more I look, the more I like in this forum. The REW software is something I really what to try and use. It seems to be an incredibly powerful tool!
  7. Velodyne excellent support

    General Service and Technical Information
    Another good news post...I just sent a request to Velodyne for a schematic, and like Definitive, the response was almost immediate. Pete sent me the file right away. Perhaps this represents a turn in their reluctance to provide service info on their products. Kudos for supporting field service!
  8. Definitive Technology - Excellent Support

    General Service and Technical Information
    I emailed Definitive asking for a schematic for one of their subwoofer units and got an alomost immediate response from Chet, with the information attached. This is quite rare these days, both in terms of the quick response and the willingness to provide support data. This company just went to...
  9. Software and Excellent Tips

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I've seen a few posts and questions about various software for virus scanning, spy-ware, and doing backups. Here is a site I really like... Kim Komando, the Digital Goddess. She really knows her stuff and her radio broadcast on Sundays is something I always tune into when I'm on a road trip...
  10. The Last King of Scotland ; Excellent!!!

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Ever so often you run across a movie that has a very interesting story line, excellent actors from top to bottom, great natural sound, and the ability to transport you mentally to the location where the story orginates from. The Last King of Scotland just happens to be one of those movies...