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  1. REW Forum
    Something here seems to be behaving oddly Here's a measurement, usual default window applied (125ms L, 500ms R) and minimum phase generated added a 6 cycle FDW (the no of cycles doesn't appear to matter) and regenerate minimum phase, EGD is looking odd pressed ctrl+alt+6 twice to reapply...
  2. Two Channel Audio
    Hello As I often run hd video and very often flac music by cable from my laptop. I always seem to have a few extra meters of many different types of cables that I just kind of spool up behind my stereo stand when not in use. Does anyone of a easy way to roll up the excess cable without to much...
  3. Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi, We are listing excess inventory on our Canuck Audio Mart dealer section so please go there to see what you can be tempted with. Bob
  4. REW Forum
    Hi, What is the source of this Group Delay issue? How can I fix this? I do not understand it... Please help. I've moved the speakers around and the more I move them the worse the picture gets.
  5. REW Forum
    As the title indicates, I would like to propose a new feature in REW, please: The ability to show multiple Excess Group Delay plots in the overlays window. I don't use multiple overlays of GD much, if at all, but I would if I could show EGD. I use the EGD for timing adjustment, placement of...
  6. REW Forum
    Can someone describe the method to do time alignment of drivers using Excess Group Delay (EGD)? I have tried it with a sub and mid that both cross at 80 hz, and my results weren't extremely conclusive. I am already pretty sure of the correct alignment for the two, so it's interesting to see...
  7. REW Forum
    Hi, my first post here. My goal is hifi stereo system for music alone. With a friend this afernoon we have experienced an unusuall response on the excess group delay plot. We think:blink: I hope someone can clarify this one. Two mainspeakers an one subwoofer are used, the Mic is at the...
  8. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    My setup might be humble compared to some but in a bedroom... slightly overkill Pioneer Kuro Elite 111fd Onkyo 805 Paradigm Studio 60 v.3 fronts Paradigm CC-570 v.3 Center Paradigm APD-590's sides SVS SBS-01 Rears The pictures show an SVS PB13 Ultra BUUUUT I am building 2 6 foot sonotunes with...
1-8 of 8 Results