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  1. DIY Speakers
    I recently decided to build a custom bluetooth boombox that looked like the rear end of a super car. I didn't want it to look exactly like a current supercar, so I looked at some that I really liked and then added my own flare to it. Here are some quick notes about it. Kerf to get Curves...
  2. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Background: Am building my first dedicated room for movies and games that will host utmost four people. The room is 4.23m x 3.15m and height is 3m. I am on budget, so I chose to go with using negative pressure to circulate fresh air given I am from a tropical climate. Am planning to run a six...
  3. Mobile Audio
    Thought I might check to see if anyone here is either up to speed on this or can recommend a forum? basically I am working on tuning out resonant frequencies in an exhaust system. Trying to learn the typical techniques in mufflers and what is might help me. I am familiar with some baffle...
1-3 of 3 Results