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  1. Expensive Cables

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    Guys I know the topic of expensive cables has been discussed before and from what I've read some have said there is a difference in sound and others have disagreed. I have never used expensive cables to be able to hear them for myself however I ran across Morrow Audio and they claim you will...
  2. GTA 5 most expensive game in history, cost £170($265) million to make & market

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    GTA 5 most expensive game in history, cost £170 million to make & market Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most expensive game in history with total development and marketing spend hitting £170 million. A report by Scottish newspaper The Scotsman places Rockstar’s spend on GTA 5...
  3. HDMI cheap vs Expensive?

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    Just about to add a new panasonic dmp-bdt110 Blu ray player to my system. I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but can you tell the difference between a cheap HDMI cable from a supermarket $12, to an expensive $150 one? And mean REALLY tell the difference with eye's and ears and no fancy...
  4. OLED TV 10 Times More Expensive to Make than LCD TV?

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    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  5. speaker cables question- go expensive or hardware store wire?

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    Hi, all. As mentioned in a different thread I am buying a Swan Diva speaker system this weekend and am doing a re-organization of my system in anticipation of my Pioneer SC-LX85 amp next month. At the risk of igniting that most rancourous of debates, I was wondering about opinions regarding...
  6. Least expensive 37" HDTV?

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    My sister needs an HDTV... preferably a 1080p model. 37" I see some open box models on ebay for $369+, but she would rather have a new in the box set. Seems like about the best deal I am seeing is on a Toshiba 37" 1080p LCD TV 37E200U from Newegg for $429 shipped. Any other deals anyone...
  7. This is gonna be expensive

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    Hey guys and gals, well Im not sure if I like this forum or not yet. Not because its full of great stuff but because its gonna end up denting my wallet alot lol. Anyways Im building a house now and have ran structual wire thoughout. Hopefully I put everything where I need it. I put to CAT5e...
  8. Simplest or least expensive accelerometer

    DIY Speakers
    Good to meet all of you DIY speaker builders. I built speakers in college. It was fun. Currently I'm not building speakers but instead playing around with the mounting and isolation of electronics... that is, a DIY equipment rack. And I'm doing experiments like putting the equipment directly on...
  9. DVDO VP-30 and cheap TV, or expensive TV?

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    Hi, Looking to pick up a new tv, and was wondering what the better option would be, either: A: Keep my DVDO VP-30 and spend about $1000-1200 on a 40" tv. Or B: Sell my VP-30 and roll that money into a higher end 40" tv, making my overall tv budget around $2K. Am I correct in assuming that...
  10. Expensive HDMI cables are they worth it?

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    Hello - http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-11276_7-6845988-3.html?tag=nav This is just one groups opinion. From this article from cnet it states, the expensive HDMI cables are not worth the money. I almost bought a Monster HDMI cable at $129.00 & stopped after reading this. My question is: Can...
  11. Why are projector lamps so expensive and is there a DIY solution?

    Home Theater Projectors
    I just ordered a spare lamp assembly for my IN72 at a cost of $340, which is actually a deal compared to the standard cost of $399. My original lamp has about 2700 hours on it and with a life expectancy of 3000 I though it would be wise to be ready for the inevitable granted that some owners...
  12. Good but not to expensive???

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    Well i'm getting ready to move into a new house and want to set up a projector with some nice surround sound. i was looking at the panasonic ax200u for the projector does anybody have any +/- about it?? I also want a big screen i'm looking for as big as possible because i have a huge wall to...
  13. What makes Jeff Rowland gear so expensive?

    Two Channel Audio
    Hi: I am looking for a replacement for my Musical Fidelity A3.5 integrated amp and I thought about trying a Class D, or T, whatever is the proper term and I was looking at the Jeff Rowland gear,specifically the Concerto integrated amp. This apparantly uses the ICEmodules, and the case is made...
  14. Why buy an expensive screen?

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    Why buy an expensive screen:huh: Expensive screens do not give any more detail to a projected image than a white painted wall.Screens are not magic.Expensive screens give a brighter image depending on their gain. But,the brightness of modern projectors is not a problem compared to the antique...