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  1. Experiment on Road Noise during Commute

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    QUESTION: What is the average, low, and high dB sound levels experienced during my one hour commute from home to work and does this pose a long-term risk to my hearing? DISCLAIMER: This is a quick look generated out of personal curiosity, providing only antidotal data and not a scientifically...
  2. High Efficiency Experiment

    DIY Speakers
    After reading through the entries in this forum, I am somewhat embarrassed to post this single driver experiment, but it sounds so very very good. I will now take the nasty cabinet and transform them into something that can be displayed in public. This build started as an idea by a friend that...
  3. Sunfire/Boston Acoustics Frankenstein Experiment

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi all, I've never really though about building my own home sub until the last couple of weeks ( looking at some of the builds here really propelled me in that direction ) The biggest motivator was the voice coil coming apart from the spider in my Sunfire MKII sub..a real downer. I was going...
  4. Sub Experiment: seeking advice for second life for older drivers.

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I have a couple of older Phoenix Gold (given by a friend) subs to which I would like to give a second chance in a home theatre setting. I already have a couple of already installed ceiling enclosures measuring 1.8ft3 (internal) that can be used (from a failed experiment). Here are the specs for...
  5. My poor mans cinawide experiment works great!

    General Screen Discussion
    I ordered a new Electric screen that can be stopped at any point you wish. This got me thinking about movies with those black bars at top and bottom, my Projector has power shift so my thought was to shift image up to rid the screen of top black bars, then drop screen to point where picture is...
  6. Noob seeking DIY help with advent experiment

    DIY Speakers
    I've run across a set of advent laureates for 30 bucks and I'm looking at them as 15 dollar cabinets for a first time DIY project. I’m currently thinking I’ll have an internal volume of 1.4 cubic feet after adding bracing to the cabinet. Using winISD I’m thinking of adding two 2” diameter 4.7...
  7. Experiment with acoustic panels or remodel

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello everyone, New guy here. I just wanted your opinions on how to approach good sound in my home theater. I will be remodeling the area someday, but the room dimensions will not be changing. Right now it is an acoustical nightmare as there is paneling on all the walls with a hollow cavity...