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  1. General Screen Discussion
    advice for new screen. what do you think of this screen is it real? looks very good. Perle Noire Screen
  2. DIY Screen Development and Testing
    For some time now we have been searching for a replacement for Craft Smart Metallic Silver paint so that people outside of the U.S. could make our Cream&Sugar™ screen mix. It turns out that CSMS is a more singular paint than we had first thought and a direct replacement still hasn't been found...
  3. DIY Screen Development and Testing
    We have a number of experimental mixes in development; one that has been designated HTS-X2 has recently been tested by 1canuck2 and he will be adding info and photos to this thread. HTS-X2 is part of a family of mixes that will run from N9 to ~N7.6. The paints used in these mixes are readily...
  4. DIY Speakers
    Here is my concept for my new, large on-wall speakers. This concept came about from the desire to have big(ger) sound, but the lack of real space to build large speakers, or to be able to properly place them. I have begun the build, but was recently laid up with a torn ligament in my...
1-4 of 4 Results