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  1. IR Extender

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    I've read a couple threads on here about IR extenders. I have a related question...Some receivers, bluray players, and cable boxes, have a plug-in labeled "Remote Control". I've assumed that you plug-in a IR extender similar to this one...
  2. Ceton's $179 Echo Windows Media Center Extender is ready to go on sale 'around Thanksgiving'

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    Source: Engadget
  3. IR Extender - Repeater w Cat 5/6 Cable

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    Hey everybody, I ran tons of cat 6 all over my house with the expectation I could use the cable to do many things. One such thing was to use the wires to help transmit an IR signal from each TV to my Home-run media cabinet in the basement. I have been looking for a few days now on-line and...
  4. Heavy Duty Wall Outlet Extender - Similar to PS Audio's Juice Bar II

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    I'm looking for a wall outlet extender. I have several power amplifiers in my system that I want to run straight into the wall, but I only have 2 wall outlets (plugs). I don't need a surge protector, a simple heavy duty power strip without any gimmicks or technology will do. Anybody know...
  5. IR Extender help

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    Hi, I am trying to find a compatible IR extender for Scientific Atlanta cable box. There seems to be only one I can find from CableVision the Cisco - 1001807. Thanks.
  6. HDMI extender over Cat5/6 wire ?

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    Does anyone have any experience using an HDMI extender over Cat5/6 wire ? In paricular I'm looking at a Altona AT-HD-SR HDMI over Cat5 Wallplate from that I saw at Fry's I'm really just trying to get a 1080i and 1080p video signal to a TV in the next room, less than 50' away. Not really...
  7. Dr. Flick goes in-depth with HDBaseT, the 'better HDMI extender'

    Over on CEPro our good friend and podcast guest Derek Flickinger has dived into the recently finalized HDBaseT 1.0 spec to see what it is -- and what it isn't. A few have suggested it's a future "HDMI killer" but this breakdown focuses on its potential as an enhancement to HDMI, with its...
  8. IR extender troubles

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    hi all, the first of many posts. i am having some trouble with an IR extender kit. my TV is mounted on the wall & i have the AMP in a cabinet behind me. i've run HDMI, optical, etc all through the wall/ceiling & some figure 8 for an IR extender. i purchased a DIGITECH AR1812 from jaycar...
  9. Remote Extender Options

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    I need some IR assistance. I want to control the gear in the rack here and I am trying to keep the solution as inexpensive (<$40) and low profile as possible. I know I can always use a leapfrog but they are large (for hiding in the tv room) and I dont need the broadcast feature. I can use...
  10. Logitech Harmony 1000 + RF Extender

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    I am looking to buy a good used Logitech Harmony 1000 Remote and RF Extender. Refurbished ones seem to be going for around $220, the extenders for around $80 I am willing to pay up to $175 shipped for the Harmony 1000 and $50 for the RF Extender. I missed out on a deal for a used 1000 and new...