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  1. Use extra TV input for aux jack

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Samsung TV going into a Cambridge receiver. The receiver remote won't change source/input, which is just a tad bit tedious getting up to change that on the box. I've found a workaround by routing most of my components (DVD, Firestick, etc) through the TV and using the TV remote but I...
  2. Worth the extra money

    Is the SB13 ultra worth the extra money over the SB2000.How good is the SB2000 for a medium size room.
  3. extra sub......

    Audio Processing
    Hello. I have an Onkyo HTR590 running my garage setup. I have two infinity sm152's, sony center and surrounds and an Onkyo sub. Sounds great....but I would like a little extra bass without having to go out and buy another 100-300 sub. I have an 8 inch sub that came with a jbl surround system I...
  4. Sherwin-Williams Pro Classic Satin Extra White

    DIY Screens
    Projector Central used this paint, #B20 W 51. They claim to have a near perfect screen with this product. They stated that with today's projectors, you are better off with a white paint, not gray. Anyone here experimented with this? Good results? Our 155" screen is painted with Behr Silver...
  5. Extra rear channels or front high?

    System Setup and Connection
    I have an Onkyo 818 and I'm in the planning phase for my dedicated HT. I had a simple 7.1 setup in my last place so I'm familiar with how the extra rear channels sound but now that I have a new receiver capable of handling an extra set up front I'm wondering how that would sound. I'll be pre...
  6. Is shirwin williams pro classic extra white a 1.1 gain screen

    DIY Screens
    Projector central claims that shirwin williams pro classic extra white to be a 1.1 gain painted screen. Has this ever been confirmed on this forum? Thanks
  7. Extra APR15

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I have an extra APR15 that I'm not longer going to use. If someone in interesed in buying it let me know. $50.00
  8. ETC with/without extra treatments - worth it?

    REW Forum
    Hello, My room currently has a absorbing ceiling, but there are many reflective walls. I have bought some cheap 2" foam to test if treatments on walls will be a good choice. Would you say, that the improvement is worth the "trouble"? I would cover the walls with compressed mineral wool...
  9. Extra Tempest box and vent questions

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Little background, folks. I purchased two Exodus Audio Tempest X-2 woofers a while back. I was intending to build two 8 Cuft. sealed enclosures at the time. So I cut the parts for two enclosures. I have one up and running. It is more than enough for the room with one one of Kevin's Face Audio...
  10. extra sub vs. bass shakers

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I currently have a PB13/Ultra, and it does of good job of shaking the house. I thought about adding another sub, but when I turn my sub up to make the chairs shake, the bass is almost overwhelming. I thought about adding a second sub and tuning them both lower to get more shake without as high...
  11. HDMI 1.3 Cables... Are upscale interconnects worth the extra $ ?

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Hello, I have read on several reviews from "tech. installers that HDMI 1.3a specs are the same from the $10 cable to the $120 Monstrous cables, you know what I really mean HA,HA. Has any one had the chance to try different ones and had seen and heard a difference? I purchased three Belkin 8'...
  12. DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket adds SuperFan (HD games, Red Zone) for all, streaming is extra

    With football season ready to kick off yet again there's still no good news for those who want Sunday Ticket without DirecTV, but if you do have the right satellite hookup then there are a few new wrinkles in 2010. First the bad news, at five payments of $59.99 the price has risen yet again...
  13. LG 390 or 370 worth extra $100?

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Is the LG 390 worth the extra $100 Best buy has it for $279 and 370 for $179. I notice that the 390 supports VUDU but 370 does not any particular reason why? Has anyone used Netflix, Youtube or VUDU streaming 1080P? I have Apple TV any benifits to using netflix or vudu? I believe VUDU...
  14. Acoustic ceiling tiles worth the extra $?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hey everyone, I would love to hear some input on whether there would be a noticeable difference between putting up USG Cheyenne/Sandrift drop ceiling tiles versus regular old ceiling tiles. If someone has a different ceiling tile to recommend, I'm all hears as well. In the end, my wife wants...
  15. Shiva-x + O audio 500w = extra boost at 30-35hz

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have been messing with this combo since day 1 of the build (4 months). Right now the shiva is in a 3 cubic feet sealed square box and it has what it seems to have a extra boost between 30-35hz. I have the O audio 500w plate amp set to -12db in that area but still during movies (DTS and DD)...
  16. Sony Extra Bass Headphones

    Headphones | Head Gear
    I just bought a set of Sony Extra Bass Headphones the MDR-XB 500 to be exact. I am really impressed they seem to have a nice balanced sound with just a little bit more kick than a normal headphone. Has anyone else had experience with them? :ponder: Matt
  17. Any extra value in a CM-140 with what I already have?

    REW Forum
    I already have a Radio Shack Sound Level Meter- Model Number 33-2050. I've ordered a Behringer ECM8000 Microphone and some Dayton CMX-15K XLR Microphone Cable to go with it. And "soon" I expect to order an external USB soundcard with suitable microphone/input/output connections so my laptop...