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  1. New to REW-Seeing extreme swings in SPL

    REW Forum
    Greetings, I am a new user of REW software and am having difficulty with what looks to me to be faulty calibration. Unfortunately, I am too new to post attachments. I am using an 2010 vintage i Mac and its sound card and obtained a reasonable sound card calibration using the protocol specified...
  2. Extreme weather in eastern Australia

    Chat Box SWAMP
    We have been having torrential rain and winds gusting to 135 km/h here. There are trees down all over including a gum tree which used to be in our yard. It is now on the neighbours front lawn after bringing down their power lines. We also have a second tree that is leaning at about 15 degrees...
  3. Legacy Extreme

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Does anybody here own or heard the Legacy Extreme subwoofer? If so how does it compare to the latest offerings out there? If I purchased the Legacy I could hook it up to the Xilica DSP.
  4. Home Theater System Recommendation on an Extreme Budget ($250)

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Finally getting around to upgrading my system from an old Pioneer SX-X360 HTIB to a somewhat proper system, however I'm on a really tight budget. Here's what I'm looking at so far: Receiver: Yamaha RX-V375/HTR-3066 Refurbished ($150-170) - Chosen mostly for the included component video inputs...
  5. How to get your guitars pushed into the extreme ends in the stereo width?

    Pro Audio
    Hi everyone, I am working on a track that has too many elements in the mid region - the rhythm guitars, lead guitars, snare, vocals. So I tried panning, didn't work as I want the mid region to have quite a lot of room for the kick, bass, snare and vocals to fit in. I tried the Waves S1 imager...
  6. Extreme thing 2011...who went ??

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I went to Extreme Thing in Vegas this last Saturday...who else was there ? Did anyone else notice the ridiculous sound equipment used for the large stages, specifically the Atticus Black and one other ?? Twelve-to-sixteen dual loaded 18" enclosures, around $8,000 each. Along with a VERY...
  7. Home Theater Extreme ???

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Equipment (1) Samsung LN60C630 LCD (1) Pioneer Elite VSX-23TXH (processing only) (1) Sony's BDP-S380 Blu-Ray Player (1) Pioneer Dv-420vk (1080p upscale) (1) Monster 3500 Power Supply (refurb) (4) Audiosoure Amp One/A (refurbs) (2) ART 355 Dual Channel EQs (31 band) (2) ART 351 Single Channel...
  8. WS55809 Extreme Brightness problem on startup

    I got this set free a few years back. It had the convergence problem when I acquired it. I fixed that up. Now the picture stays very bright at startup for anywhere from a couple seconds or for the duration the set is powered on. If I wack the top of the cabinet, it sometimes will revert back...
  9. XD Extreme Digital Cinema

    AV Home Theater
    Hey my fellow hometheater friends, A good friend of mine called me tonight telling me about this new technology at a few retail theaters out there now called XD Extreme Digital. Although I prefer my own home theater to almost any retail theater, this is suppose to be an incredible experience...
  10. Extreme noob question

    REW Forum
    Hi, I am running a 5.1 speaker system off of an onkyo 876. Do you have to have an equalizer to use rew, or is there any way for it to communicate with my receiver and adjust its eq settings. Thanks for letting me ask a stupid question. wes
  11. EP2500 in extreme temps?

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I am trying to find a place to put my ep2500 and don't really want it in the family room with all its fan noise. I could do the mod but that costs a few extra bucks and voids my warranty. So this makes me wonder if I could stick it in the garage. I live in oklahoma so summers are hot and...
  12. Using laptop in extreme cold

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I have an old laptop that I want to use in my minivan to play mp3's and with winter just around the corner what effect can the cold have on using the laptop in -25 degrees C. Can the LCD/hard drive function in that kind of cold.