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  1. Mobile Audio
    Has anyone had any experience upgrading the subs on the Sony music system? It comes with a 8" sub but I'm looking to swap that out with something a little better. I replaced all of the OEM speakers and added a amp in my previous 2012 F-150 but never got to the subs. I'm looking to keep...
  2. Mobile Audio
    You would think at 50 years old I would grow out of the DIY car audio installs and either be happy with the factory system or at least let a car audio shop do it for me. But no... I just can't leave it alone. I guess is makes me feel younger piddlin' around with it. I have a 2010 F-150...
  3. Mobile Audio
    I would like some suggestions on a speaker upgrade for my 2012 Ford F-150. I have the standard stereo and although it's very bland sounding I wasn't willing to pay for their Sony upgraded sound system. What I'm looking for is a speaker and amp upgrade but I would like to keep the stock stereo as...
1-3 of 3 Results