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  1. Samsung
    I bought this 50" DLP TV in Dec. '05. It has worked well, until recently. I only had to the lamp replaced about 18 months ago. But it is now failing to power on, after 4 yr extended warranty expired in Dec. '09. RATS! Over the last month or so, it began to show strange symtems: all in simple HD...
  2. Pioneer
    rear projection CRT fails to turn on and after resetting again fails to power on and refuses to leave standby mode, it does reach standby mode. Checking the board a 5A fuse, (fu-206), is blown and gets reblown upon replacement. After reading around on avsforum, here, and a couple other places...
  3. Mitsubishi
    Hello everyone, I have a Mitsu WT-43211 that fails to turn on. Has the typical fault that I have read on the posts. When the power is selected on, the green led flashes and a click is heard and it fails to turn on. Holding the menu and input shows the 2 pause 2 fault code. I have removed the...
1-3 of 7 Results