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  1. MIT sub speaker cable 48 feet long

    General Service and Technical Information
    New never used MIT sub speaker cable 48 feet long Asking 150 for this that cost 1175 new MIT said they will cut the cable to what ever length you need with the impedance box and the ends on them for 100 dollars Lost box so look at the box for info Free shipping in the USA plus PPfees Sent...
  2. rubber feet

    looking for rubber feet?
  3. How to wire HDMI over 70 feet

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi everyone I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, so help me out of this isn't. I'm trying to wire about 70 feet worth of HDMI cables in between two rooms. Here are the parts I'm using: HTML signal booster: Amazon.com: Tripp Lite B122-000 HDMI Signal Booster Extender...
  4. Seating Configuration for 7 1/2 ft wide by 15 feet long Home Theater

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Hello all, I'm in my initial stages of creating a home theater in a small narrow room. This is my only option so there is no room to increase the size. I intend to have a 70-80 foot screen one foot from one of the walls. I am wondering how much seating I can insert without it being...
  5. 15,000 cubic feet and $1,500 max, What would you do?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am attempting to build my first sub and am not sure which direction to start. I have a open concept home and the viewing area is in the living room which is open to the rest of the house. I think my budget doesn't allow for a sealed system so I am thinking either ported or...
  6. Speaker Cabinet Feet

    DIY Speakers
    I am building a pair of cabinets for my jbl 2206's & jbl 2246's that I've had for 8 months in their boxes...lol. I am building the cabinets out of solid mahogany; I would like to find a classy set of legs for them. If I find none I will incorporate them into the cabinet material. Any...
  7. HELP,, sub for home theater (30x20x10 feet)

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello friends, I am a rookie and WinISD browser. I want to build a subwoofer for my home theater. Right now, I have two speakers, Troesl Gravesen project, acapella, composed loudspeakers Seas, woffer w22ex001 + w18ex001 + tweter t25c001, with a sound that to my taste is very good. blu ray...
  8. Speaker spikes or rubber feet

    System Setup and Connection
    I have 3 PSB Image C60 and 2 S50 surrounds. My new years resolution was to improve my home theater setup, and I want to begin by getting the speakers off the ground. I think I'll build some simple plywood speaker stands, but I need advice on how the speaker will sit on the top of the stands. I...
  9. Unlimited cubic feet.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I happen to have a 20 foot long vacant room behind my home theater and have always wanted to build a large sub for movies.. I have been thinking..... Couldn't I have a truly huge sub and only expose part of it to the home theater room? So it would take up about 0 space in my home theater but...
  10. TC3000 15 sealed 3.5 cubic feet

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    This is what im thinking its all 1" birch and im overbuilding this? 3" front baffle 2" every where else with 3 1" braces inside As of right now the box almost takes up 2 full 4x8 sheets so it should weight in around 150lbs
  11. 1003 cubic feet 5Hz tuning gotta make history properly

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    After doing REW sweeps of before the port and after, I realized I was tuned much lower than I thought. Thinking 990 cubic feet realizing 1003 cubic feet (closet door closed, opened it's more like 1040 cubic feet and 4Hz tuning) and from 9Hz to 5Hz, I can't have a title that I can't correct. I...
  12. BUILD LOG 990 cubic feet (2)18.25"x8.25"x2" ports 9Hz tune Twin Towers come down

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I have decided to take Thomas-W's advice and build a manifold on my door to house (4) Fi IB3 18's on the top and make 2 slot ports on the bottom out of the rectangles already there. The door is 1.25" thick, I will make a template/face of the entire door adding .75" to the thickness. I'll make a...
  13. Novice jumping in feet first

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hello everyone, I'm very new to the enclosure building scene and quite excited to start the project! First, please forgive my ignorance as math is not a strength for me. Now thats out of the way let's get to it: Here is a rough render of the cabinet design i made last night: Basically, i...
  14. What would be a desirable screen size for a 9-10 feet throw?

    General Screen Discussion
    I am in a fairly small room, what would be the preferable screen size for a 9-10 feet image throw? I am also on a budget on the projector too, so I can't really buy something $700+++ that has a really nice short throw. Thanks!
  15. Maelstrom-X 21 tapped horn 384 cubic feet 5Hz-35Hz

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Is it possible? I got swallowed up by the new fad a while back, but I am only concerned with 35Hz on down. I know these tapped horns are amazing, but I don't like how they perform better as you get higher in the FR. If I build one large enough to go low enough, this might just be my thing...
  16. 7+ Feet of Stuff, Plus More

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    This whole Stereo & AV hobbie has gotten out of control, I presently have two systems, a 2 ch stereo and a 9 ch AV, still pending projector & screen. 2 ch equipment: Mitsubishi DP-20 ,Audire Crescendo 75 watt amp,Son of Ampzilla 150 watt amp and Dayton 1000 watt sub-bass amp. The crossover is a...
  17. Getting my feet wet

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    This is my first post here. I have done a lot of reading and learned a lot. I am starting to put together a home theater audio system to go with a Samsung 52” LCD TV and Blu Ray player. I have front speakers from a 2-channel audio system that I am going to use and I just picked up a center...
  18. Tempest X2 5 cubic feet sealed

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Just wanted to share my 1st HT sub build using one of Kevin's Tempest X2 drivers. Outside dimensions are 20.75h x 29w x 19.5d Here is the box already underway. I'm gluing in the .5 inch plywood as braces. View from the bottom (downward firing box) I was just going to screw in the driver...
  19. What type of feet to use on sub

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Planning to make a sub from CSS 12" trio of driver and 2 passive radiators, out of 18 mm MDF. I have the basic idea for the enclosure but what type of feet to use? Even though this might weigh a bit could it be put on spikes to alleviate my downstairs neighbor crashing the party every time I...
  20. FS: 8 feet of 24" sonotube $50 obo pickup only - 55056

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I paid $100+ for a 12-foot, 24" diameter sonotube, of which I only used about 4 feet in building a sonosub. I planned to build a couple more at some point but I'm too busy with other projects and I want the tube out of my garage. Asking $50 for the remaining ~8 feet. Pick-up in North Branch...