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  1. top 5 (High Fidelity inspired) speaker demo songs

    Home Audio Speakers
    We've all gone through the speaker demo phase...hitting every stereo store within a reasonable driving distance to hear what is out there...and carry a CD that you've burned with songs to test bass, high end (cymbals for example), sound stage, etc. Some we know just from our own collection and...
  2. JLink:TRX Wireless High Fidelity Audio Transmiter & Receiver Kit

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I own a JL Audio E112 Sub. I recently saw that they have come out with a wireless transmitter kit. I was wondering if anyone has purchased it yet. I bought one from Martin Logan and it made my sub hum. I called the JL Audio tech department and I was told it was tested at a show and they had no...
  3. Driver Choice When Max Output is Second To Fidelity

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    greetings, i am looking for a subwoofer (or two) to use in a mostly two channel audio system. there will be some light theater duty, perhaps one movie a month, but the volume won't be all that high as we've got little ones in the house that will be sleeping (hopefully). i was going to go with...
  4. Eugene Hi-Fi / DeVore Fidelity

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) '13 Show Coverage
    Eugene Hi-Fi/DeVore Fidelity - Room 1004 Component | MSRP DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 speakers | $12,000/pr. Well Tempered Versalex...
  5. To DAC or Not to DAC? : Musical Paradise MP-D1 and Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 Review

    Two Channel Audio
    A friend kindly offered to loan me a Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 (http://shop.grantfidelity.com/Grant-Fidelity-TubeDAC-11-D-A-Converter.html ) last week to play with and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see what a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) could do for my system. I know...
  6. Fluance ESHTB Higher Fidelity or SVS SCS-02(M) 5.0 SYSTEM

    Home Audio Speakers
    I believe I have narrowed down my speaker selection to either: Fluance ESHTB Higher Fidelity 5 Speaker Surround Sound Home Theater System Or the SCS-02(M) 5.0 SYSTEM : Mini-Tower 5.0 Set w/Bi-pole surrounds Here are my room dimensions (the screen will be on the 15'-5" wall) and I plan to...
  7. Musical Fidelity TRIVISTA 21 Dac

    Two Channel Audio
    Hello everybody, i'm ready to insert in my listening chain a new "MF Trivista 21 tube DAC" have you ever heard it? do you like it or not? best regards Alessandro
  8. Super High Fidelity Architectural Speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi Everyone I am looking for a pair of speaker for my great room. I will be using them as musical listening speakers Size is not an issue, power is not an issue, but they need to be in-wall to please the miss', and I also do not wish to acompany them with a sub-woofer I Love DynAudio, but I...
  9. Wyred4sound vs Musical Fidelity vs. Emotiva

    Two Channel Audio
    I contacted one of my local hi-end audio stores recently, and spoke with the owner. I was interested in listening to some non-Cone & Dome speakers, and this company sells Maggies. He inquired as to the make up of my system, and when I told him I have KEF 105.4's for my front speakers, he said I...
  10. Amp Review (Bryston,Rotel,Anthem,Nuforce,Butler,Mudical Fidelity)

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I did promise Sonnie a power amp review as a penance for tricking him a few months ago, but have put it off. If you're all like me don't you just hate those posters who post about their latest toy claiming that they've struck the AV mother lode and reached nirvana, and if you don't agree with...
  11. Review: Musical Fidelity A1

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    My first real amp by Russell Williams aged 35 1/4. Every once in a while, a little bit of high end magic slips out of an R&D department that we can all afford. It will have limitations, it may not possess the stunning looks of its high end brethren and it will have quirks. But within its limits...