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  1. Comb filtering solution?

    REW Forum
    Hi guys - I recently started using REW to analyze my HT (living) room. I ran tests of the left and right front speakers individually, and the results indicate significant comb filtering from roughly 1k on up. On the left wall of the room there's a large window, so an absorber panel isn't an...
  2. ClearPlay for Movie Content Filtering

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Just wanted to share what I consider some cool and applicable technology my family uses for watching movies we consider need some "taming". I'm sure quite a few of you have heard of ClearPlay players/membership, but as an owner of one for over 5 years, I thought I'd share my thoughts. ClearPlay...
  3. Auto EQ filtering in REW v5

    REW Forum
    After playing around with the Auto filtering in REW v5 I have noticed that it automatically tries to boost dips in the un EQ'd response which in turn just introduces more ringing and delay at that frequency. I would have thought it would not boost at that particular frequency if this was to end...
  4. Comb filtering or something else?

    REW Forum
    Is this comb filtering, or something else? Seems too noisy to be room modes. I realize that the level is low, I think that the SPL is mis-calibrated (mostly due to a lower battery in my RS db meter). Using line input on a laptop, calibration file for EMM-6 mic and I've done the soundcard cal...
  5. Crazy HF comb filtering - any advice appreciated!

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I've attached a picture of my 12x17 room (with tons of 703!) and my left and right channel REW results. Any advice on how to treat (or whether to worry about) my dramatic HF comb filtering would make my day! emad
  6. CTC spacing/comb filtering

    DIY Speakers
    Hi everyone, I've been a lurker for a little while and would like to say thank you to all of those who have asked questions and given great answers in return. I've learned alot from all of you. My turn for a quick Q. I'm building some three-way towers, this configuration, WmmtmmW. Actively...
  7. Filtering, Audyssey and what have you

    REW Forum
    I got my first filter applied and the resulting measurement isn't too bad (first attachment). But then I connect the mains and whoops!, a nasty dip at 82Hz (second attachment). I should mention that, at this point, Audyssey is turned off and tone controls are disabled. I have manually set all...
  8. What are you using for subsonic filtering?

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I'm wondering what everyone uses to filter out the lowest freq's from their subs? Specifically I'm looking for something that is variable and can be set lower than 16hz and preferably around 10-12hz. I'm thinking that a Linkwitz-Riley 24db slope would be best.
  9. Filtering with an sblive/audigy/audigy 2

    REW Forum
    Hello ! Here is an important info for owners of EMU10k1/10k2 DSP cards : with kxproject driver (search on google), it is possible to configure (tried on an audigy 2 zs) : - 23 EQ Peak effect (parametric eq - bell effect, included in standard package) or : - 8 EQ P5 (UFX effects package)...
  10. Comb Filtering Confusion

    Home Audio Speakers
    I was lead to this site for the first time less than an hour ago (following a download lead). It said I was free to download what ever I want for free (money wise), but the fee was to do some posting at this site. No problem. I like free ! So here goes. I started a thread at another forum...