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  1. General Screen Discussion
    I'm looking for 120in diagonal screen to pair with my sony 40es projector. I plan to watch sports with friends part of the time and movies at other times. I'm going to have blackout curtains or shade for movies but there will be reasonable light coming in when I watch sports. I was going to...
  2. Manufactured Screens
    Due to my white room conditions, I need Firehawk G3 but reading that optical coating sparkles a lot. Anyone has recommendations on how to mount the projector to minimize it? Thank you.
  3. Manufactured Screens
    Hi everyone, I have been saving for some time and finally have the money to put together a Home Theater Room and wanted to get everyone opinion on the following screen. Room size - 24' long - 15' 6" Width - 9 foot ceiling - Open design with ambient light present. Screen - Stewart Filmscreen...
1-3 of 4 Results