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  1. Instructor dies after 9 year old fires a Uzi??

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Ok, I've got to question why a 9 year old is even allowed to touch a gun of that size. What is wrong with parents theses days. Story here if you have not heard.
  2. 200 homes lost to fires in Australia.

    Chat Box SWAMP
    It has been a hot start to spring here downunder and the bushfire season has started very early. On my way home from work there was smoke in nearly every direction I looked yesterday and approximately 200 homes have already been lost...
  3. Fires in Australia

    Care Chapel
    With quite a number of our members living in Australia I am saddened by the fires that have caused so much grief and destruction down there. My understanding is that at least some of the fires have been caused by arson and the death toll is well over 100, entire towns have been destroyed and...