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  1. Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am going to be installing insulated flex duct in the unfinished basement (replacing the original rigid aluminum duct that was placed when house finished) for the purpose of soundproofing. I will be starting with the bedrooms and working out all the installation kinks before I move on to the...
  2. Classifieds - Remotes, Cables and Accessories
    I have 58' of 1" and 18' of 2" flex pipe for sale on Ebay. These are left overs from my HT project. This stuff is great, and I used over 300' of it, it's hard to find and a little on the pricey side but well worth the money...
  3. Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am ready to install the flex pipe in my new HT but I cant find ant thing larger than 3/4" including the local electrical supply houses. Can some please help me? I am looking for 1" and 2" tubing. I will be using a projector and would like to make a run for a future Xbox or PS. All my...
  4. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Oh yeah...got another question. What's good to use in the way of non-collapsable flex duct for porting? I've got to get 3 - 3 inch ports @ 59.5 inches each into a 2 cubic foot box...:dizzy: Warmon -
  5. DIY Screens
    I figured I should probably start a new thread about this instead of continuing to ask off topic questions on the other thread. Tiddler, could provide a quick summary of the new formula ... I'm especially wondering about Easy Flex 05 and 06 in the quart size. Also are there any RGB values...
1-5 of 6 Results