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  1. 62" samsung dlp flickering white dots

    No permanant dots however when some images are on the screen parts of the image are outlined in dots. It's harder to tell when watching because it flashes them momentarily when some images come on the screen. So I hooked up my laptop and I went to google images and on some images I can see it...
  2. Suddenly no video only between Pioneer receiver and Samsung TV

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi, I have a Pioneer VSX 528 receiver and a Samsung TV. I was using both of them for over a year without any problems. 2 months ago something happened. I was watching some movie played on my mac and streamed via HDMI cable to receiver and then to TV. While watching a movie something suddenly...
  3. Red Flickering Pixels

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Signal chain: Oppo 103d, 20ft HDMI cable, HDMI wall plate, 1M HDMI cable, Epson 5025ub. I get flickering of red pixels all over the screen. They are very difficult to see unless the screen is black. Also, while viewing Netflix on the Oppo, I get horizontal lines that flicker from time to time...
  4. Optoma Projector Colours Flickering

    Hi all, help! My projector is flashing / flickering colours and it's impossible to watch. Is it the bulb or something else? I'm a bit of a simpleton with these things and don't know where to start! Thanks. Kez :dontknow:
  5. HL-P5674W Flickering and Picture Degradation

    Hello, I'm experiencing an issue where after 15 minutes, the picture starts degrading and flickering on my DLP TV. I can't post a video of it because this is my first post, but does this sort of symptom clue any of the experts on DLP issues? If I get some more posts, I suppose I can post the...
  6. HL-T5687SAX dead RED LED & flickering blue color...HELP!!!

    Hi, My Samsung HL-T5687SAX/XAA DLP with the LED Engine (no bulbs or color wheel), has big issues!!!! First the RED LED is dead leaving the picture Green/Blue, this I ordered the new part will come sometime. The other issue....after 5 minutes of watching the green screen, the picture starts...
  7. Optoma EP721 - Flickering colors - DIY Repairable?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hey fellas. A buddy of mine sent me this message the other day asking for my help. I gave him my advice, but it seemed a bit weak in my opinion. So I thought I'd come to you fellas and see what you'd say. ==================== It's been a while and everything was going great until a few days...
  8. Optoma HD72, top power/lamp lights flickering and no display

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hi all, My Optoma HD72 projector recently died on me. I bought a new lamp off ebay. Upon installation of the lamp, the top lights of the projector flicker like crazy and there is no display or fans spinning. The same result is achieved when there is no lamp at all in the projector, so clearly...
  9. Samsung HLP4674 Flickering

    Hello, new here and glad to have found you! I'm beginning to experience an issue with my almost 5 year old DLP set. I've had multiple issues with it over the years, but that's another story, of which I'm sure you're fully aware. It's been running great for quite a while though, that is until a...
  10. Flickering while watching Blu-Ray

    General Service and Technical Information
    I've noticed that while watching an original Blu-Ray movie on my Samsung BD-3600 and Panasonic TC-P50S1 I get a flickering in certain parts of the picture. It's usually in darker areas and doesn't happen on the whole screen, just small sections. I'm using a standard HDMI cable with gold plated...
  11. Sam HLT5087s - flickering then

    Have had this TV for maybe 16 to 18 months and is receiving it's only signal through an Onkyo receiver. It's been a great TV thus far. About a week ago, I noticed it was darker than normal; picture still looked good just somewhat dark. I grabbed the remote to check the settings and see if...
  12. Flickering VU meter with 1124P @ idle?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hello all, Installed my 1124P today (made all connections and tested; did not get the chance to run REW yet). I set the input level as described in the BFD guide. Got only sporadic flickers of the red LED's on Pearl Harbor bombing scenes. Anyway, I noticed that the first pair of green LED's on...
  13. Playstation3 1080p 24hz flicker problem?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I just purchased a PS3 and have it running through HDMI cables to my Sony KDS-60A3000 TV via an Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver. The PS3 and the TV both support 1080p 24hz, but when I enable it on the PS3 I see a brightness flicker every few seconds on TV. It's clearly visible on the main still screen...
  14. Flickering mostly on bright scenes Benq w500

    Home Theater Projectors
    Ok i havent had the red pixel problem in a long time now. But just recently i noticed that the whole screen flickers now, its starts randomly, i can pause tv or dvd and it still flickers. Ive tried component, hdmi, and also both from my hd dvd player and my vip 722 dish HD reciever. It...
  15. Mitsubish WS-55311 Flickering Problem

    I have been having a problem, recently, with my Mitsubishi WS-55311 widescreen. I thought it was the cable box converter and re-booted, to no avail. The problem is when turning on the set, the screen is fine. After five or more seconds, the screen starts flickering from the station being viewed...