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  1. Polk Audio RTIA9 Floor Standing Speakers as rears?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello! So i came upon a pretty large sale for Polk Audio RTIA9's, $400 cad each, and bought two. However the website checkout made an error and ended up purchasing 4, and i didn't notice till they were on my door step. I am looking into surround speakers as well, specifically the Polk Audio...
  2. time to retire old floor stand speaker and replace with in-wall

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I have old Sansui speakers, they still sound excellent after 30+ years, but the wife does not want to see any wires anymore so I will go with in-wall speakers. I know, a lot of you will tell me that it will not sound the same; but I'm over 60 :olddude:now and not sure I would hear a big...
  3. Help with Floor Plan

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Framing starts next week and after looking at a ton of build threads. I wanted to run a few changes to my layout by you. Room 13-9 W by 19-6d Location Basement window free loaction Sound Proofing Walls and Ceiling Clipped Channeled and DD with GG Insulation the Pick stuff Automatic Door Jam...
  4. Planning Another twin floor standing Subwoofer build

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Okay so after much hopefully useful cerebral activity, I have decided am going to do another pair of floor standing subs almost identical to the ones I did and posted on this thread in another forum...
  5. 3 ways floor standing measurement review

    REW Forum
    Dear experts, I need your knowledge for review my measurements on a 3 ways floor standing. Could you please tell me if they are technically correct? Is gating accurate enough or do I need to use smoothing? if yes, what value? I would have the best measurement for understand if the response is...
  6. RTA Phantom noise floor or setup issues??

    REW Forum
    Please bear with me...very noob thread. Trying to use REW for a car audio application. Got the UMIK-1 mic and calibration file. I am really thrown off by inexplicable noise floor measurments taken with the mic on it's tri-pod, in the house with nothing else on (silent as possible)?? I've gone...
  7. Always check your noise floor!

    REW Forum
    So.. I been paying close attention more at the tests and all sorts of variables. I now realize that my noise floor is louder than most. We are talking 45db+. I live within 7 miles of the an international airport on the landing side... so I timed REW just tight to catch noise when they are at...
  8. Is Your System's Noise Floor Low Enough?

    System Setup and Connection
    The funnest discoveries are the surprises. Like setting up a pair of speakers and accidentally getting a monster soundstage. Like discovering that the openness of a soundstage can be affected by a system noise floor level that you can not even hear when no music is playing. The latter example...
  9. looking for some new floor speakers

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey yall, I'm looking to upgrade my current 2.1 system and go for some high quality floor-standing tower speakers. I'm completely undecided as to what I should be looking for though as far as brand and which speaker to go for. Any advice? I don't want to spend more than $500 or around there.
  10. Axiom M50 Floor Standing Loudspeaker Review

    Home Audio Speakers
    Greetings - This is the second in a series of four loudspeaker tests being done as a listening only test at our place. The first review was posted last week for the Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL Hybrid electrostat speakers ($2500 per pair). As noted in the thread title, this is for the Axiom...
  11. Noise Floor, RT60 and ETC - feedback wanted

    REW Forum
    Hi All, Trying to figure out how my room measures. So I did the following Noise Floor - Position 1-3 Front Left only - Position 1-3 Front Right only - Position 1-3 Position 1 is MLP and 600mm right and left is P2 and P3 - based on facing the screen. Using REW 5.13 and a UMIK calibrated MIC...
  12. Floor standing speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi Friends : 1) What is the ideal cut off frequency of floor standing speakers (Tower speakers ) when used in movie mode is it okay to let them run all the way down to 20 Hz or follow the THX standards and cut them off at 80Hz and set the subwoofer cut off at 90Hz . Basically to avoid damaging...
  13. Excellent floor diffusion idea

    Home Audio Acoustics
    From what I hear the floor space is a very important area of treatment where diffusion works great on but unless it's dedicated space you cannot just have the floors lined with diffusion material so this is my work around. Ottomans! So... I'll build 2x2 2d style diffusors and will build an...
  14. Advice on new home floor plan

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi guys I would be finally buying our first home and the wife approved me to make the extra room mine. So I decided to build a home theater Here are the floor plans that we get to choose from Option A combining the dining and living space Option B flex room I like a little bit more the...
  15. Samsung F8500 (best buy floor model)

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hey guys, there's Still a 64 inch floor model available at my local best buy. Looks to be in good shape with no dents or scratches on the screen. I checked the hours and it had 6,664 on it. The asking price was $1899, but I talked to the manager and he said he would lower it to $1400. So...
  16. Active 2-way floor stander help

    DIY Audio
    I'm toying around with starting my first DIY speaker project. I put together a "frankensub" a few years back using an old M&K subwoofer enclosure and a Rythmik f12 kit. It was hardly DIY, but I had a lot of fun and the sub rocks! I'm thinking about taking the plunge and starting a DIY 2 way...
  17. Under floor Buttkicker LFE or other transducer experience?

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    I'm curious if anybody has any experience with using a bass transducer under a suspended floor they would be able to share? I did a search here and found one post in another thread where somebody spoke about a positive experience, though that was a few years ago, hence my starting a new thread...
  18. In wall speakers or floor standing

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am considering in wall speakers for my theater room. I have seen many great in wall speakers that sound amazing, but I'm still skeptical. Are floor standing or on wall still superior? I'm looking for experience with or opinions on in wall speakers.
  19. Soundproofing advice - floor support and hvac duct

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Yo! I'm nearing the final stages of my build out, and I'm insulating. I couldn't go with resillient channel due to some space considerations, so I splurged on the Roxul (and some Johns Manville) Safe N Sound. I've got it in the walls, and and am working on the dual layer for the ceiling. Can...
  20. wall vibration and floor support question

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Aloha! I live in a house that is on stilts and I was noticing quite a bit of movement "vibration" and I was thinking that wall or floor resonance could affect or color the sound just like if it were coming from the LFE cabinet but in a larger aspect. 4 way's of flex so to speak, with only a...