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  1. Couple of Flooring Questions

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    My house was built back in 2008, but I am just getting to finishing the theater room now. I have two rows of seating and wanted to build a riser for the back row. I've done a fair bit of reading but I haven't found an answer to a couple of questions I have. As this site seem to have the best...
  2. Trying to decide on what to do for flooring and a paint scheme

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'm trying to decide on what to do for the flooring and paint scheme in my basement theater. I don't have much of a plan and the theater is going to be very very simple. Just 4 walls and a ceiling with nothing fancy except for a shelf on one side of the room since I have a partially exposed...
  3. flooring and carpet

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I am getting ready to redo the flooring in my listening room. This room is for 2 channel only - no home theater. Currently I have wall to wall carpet on a very squeaky floor - my cat can't even walk in without being noticed. I plan in screwing the floor down better before re-carpeting. I am...
  4. Flooring

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    In the process of building my HT room, one of the biggest obstacles I'll be facing is the flooring. The room is in the basement/garage area, and has been prone to flooding. We have talked to people about getting that fixed, but right now its not an option right now. A friend of mine gave me...
  5. cork flooring

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how well cork flooring would work accoustically in a dedicated theater room. I am tackling all the work myself in my basement theater. I have done all the wiring and started the framing. As I work down there I get to dreaming:daydream: of my upcoming...