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  1. Home Audio Acoustics
    I have been greatly helped by Bryan over the past year and have had a lot of room treatment, I believe I still need a bit more but until then there are a couple of big dips between 100-200hz that i'd like to attend to which I cant shake off. It seems to be an issue with my floorstanders so I'm...
  2. DIY Speakers
    I will have a professional make the cabinets for the floorstanders and center. Are there some good plans out there where the sound will rival my Polk RTi12's for floorstanders and my CSi5 for a center channel. I am looking to spend up to $1,000. Not sure what that will get me but any help would...
  3. Home Audio Speakers
    Hi, I have just received my PB-13 Ultra to replace two REL Storm Mk1 subs. Very pleased with it even though I haven't set it up properly. The rest of my gear consists of the following. Onkyo 905 TDL RTL3 mains Kef XQ2C centre Eltax HT2 rear (2 pairs) Toshiba HD-XE1 PS3 My question to which...
1-3 of 3 Results