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  1. Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have a HT system consisting of Boston CR77 Left and Right, CR67 satellites and CRC7 center channel. I like how well matched it is, but as I'm finally doing a permanent install in a new living room, I'm curious about which option you think is preferable. There is some built in room correction...
  2. HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Pls Guide: 4K Display TV: Size, Mount, Ideas - Tilted Angled Down, Corner, Flush to wall Please advise on 4K Display TV - Size + Mount & mounting ideas - Tilted Angled Down, Corner, Flush to wall Suggestions on TV size & Mounts/ ideas on designing & implementing this correctly. Will mostly...
  3. Home Audio Acoustics
    Building a 64hz tuned trap that needs to go at a floor-wall corner. Ive been mostly reading that it should be FLUSH against the wall. However, I have this: It's 1"x7.5" baseboards! Should I just build AROUND it and have staggered depths within my cavity? Should I put another board up that...
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  5. Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I am building a sonotube with IXL 18.2.2. I was going to flush mount the driver when I discovered my 1/2 flush router bit is not big enough -- need 3/4". Then I wondered if it has to be flush mounted at all? I only used two layers of 3/4" MDF -- would flush-mounting take away a significant...
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  7. DIY Speakers
    Hi im looking to build a slim line speaker that can be flush mounted in the wall. Length is no problem width anything between studs and the depth of 4" using the biggest woofer midbass possible. will be used with infiniti simple build subwoofer. i'm looking for something that will be good for...
  8. DIY Speakers
    I am puzzled on whether I should make my CSS FR125SR drivers flush-mounted or not on the baffle.Is it necessary for a driver to be flush-mounted sonic-wise?It is about a mini-monitor full range DIY project. Thanks in advance..
  9. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I'm about to build my floor facing sonosub and I like the idea of recessing (18mm) the speaker up out of the way to minimise the chance of the speaker being poked by things underneath (e.g little kids' sticks, dusters, etc.). Is there any difference in sound between flush and recess mounting...
  10. Home Audio Speakers
    I would like to mount some speakers on wall, but they are fairly heavy, and I can't seem to find a product that will allow me to mount flush. Does anybody know of anything (commercial or DIY) that can be used to support a 35lb speaker on a wall? (drywall) It sounds like a lot, but considering...
  11. Home Audio Acoustics
    I'm a new member here so firstly I'll hello to you all :) I've been discussing installing some acoustics to my room on studiotips and have been getting some great advice though it's difficult to assimilate for my little brain :scratch: I want to build a super bass trap as suggested by Eric...
1-11 of 11 Results