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  1. REW with Foobar

    REW Forum
    I just got REW and a UMIK-1 up and running. I playback FLAC files through Foobar. Is there some way to run REW's test sweep using my EQ settings in Foobar? Or conversely, to download some type of EQ file from REW, based on my measurements, directly into Foobar? Another setup question- I run...
  2. REW -> Impulse file -> foobar convolver

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I think that this can be done, but I just want to be sure. Can REW produce an impulse response file that contains room corrections that can be fed directly into the foobar convolver? Magical if it does....:bigsmile:
  3. Foobar Active Digital Crossover

    DIY Speakers
    Is anyone using a foobar player and the active digital crossover component? If so have you tried to play DVD's through the crossover? I've heard it can be done with a plugin but not sure which one and how it is done. Please advise!
  4. Piping DVD sound through foobar player?

    System Setup and Connection
    I am trying to play back DVDs sending the sound through my foobar crossover. I am running active crossovers through the foobar crossover then out to my external soundcard then the preamp/ amps. I need to pipe the signal through foobar to get full bandwidth sound to all of my drivers keeping my...