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    Ok guys, time to get your game face on ! So who do you like & who are you rooting for? Me personally, I bleed Garnet & Gold! And we have the potential to have another stellar year. We open with Ole Miss September 5th in Orlando at Camping World Stadium. We are starting a true Freshman @...
  2. Chat Box SWAMP
    Lot of news in regards to Baylor Football. The school fired football coach Art Briles in light of the Pepper Hamilton document Should the NCAA give Baylor the death penalty?
  3. Chat Box SWAMP
    OK guys, time to get your game face on!
  4. Manufactured Screens
    Hi there- I'm looking for a mfg screen recommendation. The room is a multi purpose room with an Epson 8350 PJ, 4 HT seats 14' back. The room is multi purpose because it also has a bar and a pool table. The room CAN be completely light controlled as there is just one outside doorway but has...
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    2013 College Football has come and gone... and the Seminoles of Florida State took over the reigns of four previous state of Alabama National Championships won by Alabama in 2009, 2011 and 2012... and Auburn in 2010... and they finally derail the SEC after 7 straight years of winning the...
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    Associated Press Poll LET'S GET IT ON! ROLL TIDE ROLL!
  7. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Two more major conferences abandon EA Sports’ college football efforts King SEC’s decision today to have all their logos and trademarks removed from future iterations of the newly renamed EA Sports’ College Football (RIP NCAA Football) was just the beginning, as both the...
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    Getting excited?
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    I'll get us kicked off here... ROLL TIDE ROLL!
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  11. Testing
    ESPN 3D won't be alone in its broadcasts of college football and other sporting events for long, now that Versus has announced it's launching 3D broadcasts (just two years after getting its own fulltime HD channel) during two college games November 13th. The first game, TCU/San Diego State at...
  12. Testing
    ESPN 3D will keep things rolling in week four of the college football season by featuring Auburn, again, as it hosts Steve Spurrier and South Carolina on September 25. That of course makes Auburn the first repeat on the schedule, after this weeks matchup with Clemson. Now that that's announced...
  13. Testing
    One of the most watched programs on television is getting a makeover, as ESPN prepares to introduce several new elements for this season of Monday Night Football. According to the press release, this year will be the first time ESPN's MNF is produced in 5.1 -- does this mark the death of "Circle...
  14. Testing
    Now that pro and college football are broadcast almost exclusively in high definition, framed for 16x9 and even 3D, no wonder it's even trickled down to high school sport coverage. Instead of just a few games here and there, Cablevision's launching MSG Varsity HD to cover games in the...
  15. Testing
    After unveiling the standard college football schedule, ESPN has seen fit to reveal the first three of the 13 games it plans to broadcast in 3D this season. Boise State will face Virginia Tech on September 6, a Monday night, while Ohio State and Miami will do battle September 11, before...
  16. Testing
    Happy Canada Day everyone, usually we just skip right on by to our own Independence Day but we're giving our up north neighbors props since their football is coming our way this summer, and in high definition. The NFL Network announced it is airing 14 Canadian Football League games in 2010...
  17. Testing
    It's been a few years since the NFL made the jump to high definition instant replay, and it's absolutely time it arrived in college football as well. The SEC announced plans to switch last month and today the Big Ten and Mid-American Conferences mentioned they will upgrade their systems as...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Looking for some help on the ubiquitous flasing green light problem on mt Mitsu WS55909. Once I locate the board with the (usually) offending caps, I'll be off to the electronics store... 1st post...ever!
  19. Chat Box SWAMP
    College football is upon us already. Who are the teams to watch this year... is your team ready... any early predictions? My team, the Crimson Tide of Alabama, gets a new coach in Nick Saben, now the highest paid coach in college football. Will money buy us wins? We'll have to wait and see...
  20. Chat Box SWAMP
    Do we have any pro football fans hangin' out? Just finished watchin' the last part of the Colts vs. Patriots game. Colts win. My wife is a big Peyton Manning fan. I would kinda like to see them do well this year myself.