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  1. Formula for specifications to build a given box design

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Is there something that would allow you to enter the box type, tuning and size to get the needed specs for the driver required.? At least a ballpark.
  2. A Formula for making Blockbuster movies

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    It’s not déjà vu. Summer movies are often described as formulaic. But what few people know is that there is actually a formula—one that lays out, on a page-by-page basis, exactly what should happen when in a screenplay. It’s as if a mad scientist has discovered a secret process for making a...
  3. Just Checking in on the New Black Widow Formula

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    Hey guys just checking in on whether you have found anything yet on creating a perfect Black Widow mix due to the new AAA-F!! I am needing to re-paint my screen and have been waiting to see if you guys have come up with something. I painted it with a mix Sherwin Williams "Grey Screen" and...
  4. Formula with best mix of accuracy and gain

    DIY Screens
    I've got a JVC RS20 and I'm finding that I'd like a little more brightness. I only have 500 hours on the lamp, but it seems a bit dim. My screen is a Sintra 120" 2.35:1 screen, but unpainted. I'd like to paint it or do something to it to get more gain, but without sacrificing much color...
  5. Need help deciding on which paint formula to use.

    DIY Screens
    Hello all! My first post here, coming from AVS where I was convinced SF was the way to go. . . until I found you guys. :) The room: I'll post pictures once my post count is up. 18'9" wide by 15'8" deep with a vaulted ceiling. The ceiling peaks in the center, rising from the sides. I have a dark...
  6. Formula for a HC4000

    DIY Screens
    Re: Black Widow PFG - the Discussion - Black Widow I'm trying to create a new thread here asking for suggestions, but it's not letting me (error msg saying no links allowed, even though I'm not naming any sites). Anyway, I am looking to do a CIH setup w/Sintra and need all the help...
  7. University Formula SAE needs your help!

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Hey guys, I am from the formula SAE team at University of California, Merced. SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers and we are participating in the Formula competition where we design/build/test/race/present our car against other schools the automotive industry representatives. Schools...
  8. Formula 1 could see high definition broadcasts (except for in-car cameras) next year

    In our last crazy Bernie Ecclestone update, the F1 boss had suggested we could be two years away from high definition Formula 1 broadcasts, but since then he's apparently indicated it could happen as soon as next year. Last week, he apparently told German media that he's "not sure" whether...
  9. Home Depot Formula

    DIY Screens
    O.K. all, I am building a H.T. in my basement. I have read many posts and looked at many DIY screens and decided for as follows: I would recommend the new Behr ULTRA Interior #1750 tinted as follows: ~N8.5 DIY Tint {Medium Gray} Quart Custom Tint Behr UPW 1750 048 Lamp Black 011 Brown Oxide...
  10. Which of the current paint formula to use??

    DIY Screens
    Hi all, I am looking for the best solution for my HT room. I currently have the Behr Silver screen on the wall shooting at 106. The SS is not bad, colors are good but it has no pop and the whites are blueish with a silverish look. The white are the pop are my main concern. I have read some of...
  11. Modified Easy Flex formula

    DIY Screens
    I figured I should probably start a new thread about this instead of continuing to ask off topic questions on the other thread. Tiddler, could provide a quick summary of the new formula ... I'm especially wondering about Easy Flex 05 and 06 in the quart size. Also are there any RGB values...