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  1. Fostex pm0.5n

    Pro Audio
    Hi all ! What do you think about these monitor speaker ? I need a pair of monitor (instead of hi-fi..) for my computer in a little room. I don't see any frequency response curve so I don't know if they are linear or not. Could you give me an advice ? Thanks
  2. Anyone have either of these 2 pairs of fostex?

    Two Channel Audio
    I can't decide which to get.I'm getting the boxes along with them. One set is Fostex FE126En 4" Full Range.In the kit their $315 with boxes. http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/full-range-speaker-kits/fostex-bk-12m-folded-horn-kit-pair/ Other pair is Fostex FE166En 6.5" full range.The kit is...
  3. Big D' s Folded Horn Speakers w Fostex Full-Range Drivers

    DIY Speakers
    MY DIY FOLDED HORN SPEAKERS WITH FULL-RANGE DRIVERS After toying with different plans to build two speakers for my two-channel room, I finally decided to make two folded horn cabinets with 8" Fostex full-range drivers and Fostex super tweeters. I have owned many different type of speakers, but...
  4. Audio Nirvana vs. Fostex full range speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello everybody, I have a question for all you audioheads out there, all things being equal, which one of these full range speakers sounds better, by "Better" I mean higher highs and lower (better punch) lows. Since Fostex does not make a 10 inch driver as AN does, lets say a 8 inch Fostex 206...
  5. Fostex FE104

    DIY Speakers
    Is there a better sounding driver than the Fostex FE103 from 80hz to 1k? Looking to build some 3 ways. I love the FE but was wondering if there was something better out there that would work in a Transmission Line? :rolleyes: Matt