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  1. Strange lights outside the frame, Optoma HD29

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, I wonder if you have seen anything like this outside the frame of a DLP projector image, in this case, an Optoma HD29Dupree: Imgur It's darker than the black of the image but still pretty noticeable at night. Did something happen to the projector or is it just normal? Doesn't...
  2. DIY best cheapest frame for Carl's Blackout Cloth, 16:9, 110x200, Projector Screen

    DIY Screens
    Hi. I have an Epson 2030 that I would love to bring outside for movie nights. I have been looking at this screen material and am wondering what would be the best way to build a frame that is durable and cheap at the same time. Anyone ever done this and have instructions and pictures? I also want...
  3. screen frame options

    Manufactured Screens
    I want to order a Seymour xd acoustically transparents screen in the 140" -- 150" range 2.35:1. This is my first screen. Do I build a frame or buy one? I am completely new to the screen idea. I was going to go with a Jamestown screen, but I really want a 2.35:1. It will be primarily for movies...
  4. Rope tensioned or direct? Wood, PVC, or aluminum frame?

    DIY Screens
    I want a DIY 120" fixed screen that can be easily put up and taken down for storage, transport, and so little kids can't damage it when it's not being used. I know the main approach recommended here is painting. This won't work for me because there's a window in the middle of the wall where I...
  5. FOR SALE: 123" Stewart Filmscreen Frame with Firehawk screen - $375

    SOLD: 123" Stewart Filmscreen Frame with Firehawk screen - $375 SOLD -- 123" Stewart Filmscreen Frame (3.5") with Firehawk screen. (http://stewartfilmscreen.com). 123" diagonal screen. Overall measurements (including frame) are 114" x 67". Good condition and designed for use in multi-purpose...
  6. building outdoors screen and frame

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    i am trying to build a outdoors projection screen. we have an idea for the screen itself. not sure what type of frame or materials to use. 16X12 screen. any help would be great
  7. DIY Screen Frame Suggestions

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    Just checking on what frame styles some of you have built and what pro's/con's are associated with each. Right now I'm thinking of making my frame from poplar (wood) and adding hardboard as a support piece (a "T" shape). To attach the screen I will be cutting a narrow grove that the screen will...
  8. Rough wall to paint or frame?

    DIY Screens
    Currently projecting onto the living room wall with the popular Benq W1070 in eco Screen size is currently ~130" with -1 keystone Projector is ~4.5m from the wall seating is 4.5-6m away I have filled two vent holes and started sanding but the wall is anything but flat with a gentle ~5mm...
  9. frame ideas for making my own screen using Seymour UF?

    DIY Screens
    I've settled on an AT screen. I'd prefer to have my screen size around 135"-138" diagonal and have thought about just buying the Jamestown 140" AT screen and just masking off to the size I want as I think the 130" would be just a tad small for my liking. however the JT AT screen is 575 using...
  10. Electric vs Fixed frame? AT or non AT?

    Manufactured Screens
    I'm about to purchase a projection screen, and trying to decide whether to get an electric or fixed frame. It would be nice to have the screen disappear when not in use, but not totally necessary. My concern is the screen sagging or curling over time. Also, do AT screens look as good as non AT...
  11. Finally completed 120" sintra screen/ alum frame

    DIY Screens
    After all of the sweat and tears my 120" sintra screen is complete. I did the frame out of 1x1 Sq aluminum tubing. The border was 3 1/4" pine baseboard trim, covered in the triple black velvet by SY. I sprayed it with my newly acquired Graco 2900 refurb sprayer with SW ice cube which is an N9.5...
  12. Existing Fixed Frame DIY Masking "Suggestions Wanted"

    General Screen Discussion
    I just looked at the YouTube's on DIY automated screen masking: I would like to know if anyone has done anything similar that they can share? I'm looking at working on DIY acoustic room treatment project and will be initially focusing on the front wall for the biggest improvement and this...
  13. Frame for DIY Screen from Carl's Place

    General Screen Discussion
    I have a new screen hung on the wall, I used Ash for the frame, and now I need a border for it. I am wondering what options there are that exist that I can put up for cheap. I am planning on wrapping whatever the material is in a velvet like material. I am debating on whether to get a wooden...
  14. B-52 18-220S 18" 1000W Cast Frame Subwoofer Speaker

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    has anyone tried this driver ? http://www.amazon.com/B-52-18-220S-1000W-Subwoofer-Speaker/dp/B003KRMJQS
  15. H frame subwoofers

    IB - Infinite Baffle Subwoofer Build Projects
    I am really intrigued by IB subs, more specifically H frame subs. Is there a place where I can find more basic info about these subs & how to build them & proper dimensions of frame? I am looking at perhaps two 15" or 18' driver in separate H frame's for my theater room that's approx 2600 cuft...
  16. diy painted wall with custom frame

    DIY Screens
    first off, thanks to all of you for posting all these info! well i upgraded from a 47" lcd lg 47lk520 to a lg hw350t. having no idea what i was getting in to i decided the DIY way. after removing the tv i was left with a few holes on the wall. try to fix it with some plaster and had a...
  17. 'The Hobbit' At 48 FPS: A High Frame Rate Fiasco?

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Movieline
  18. Frame Construction Question

    DIY Screens
    So I'm building a BOC screen at either 123" or 124". I'm planning on painting it with BW and already have the AAA waiting. All that's left is to get the VUPE and construct the frame/stretch the cloth on it. My question is about the material to build the actual frame out of. My uncle just...
  19. THX: The time is right for high frame rates in movies

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: TechRadar
  20. Have cloth, need frame!

    DIY Screens
    Hello everyone, I have a mitsubish hc3800 that came with a mustang motorized mount. Since I live in an apartment with white walls, I eventually became disappointed with the washed out blacks reflecting from the walls and the small amount of ambient light I wasn't able to block out. I sold the...