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  1. Samsung
    I have been searching on this and other forums, but mine is acting a little differently. When I turn it on, I hear the first "click" like a relay, and the tone. Sound comes up, but no fan, no light, no sound at all --EDIT - tried it again, there is a very faint whirring--sounds too quiet and...
  2. REW Forum
    Hi All I have been playing around with Rew, and now I can't get a measurement. It freezes at 99%. Whats funny is first it happened on Windows after updating Java, but on Linux it kept working. Then a few weeks later, it does the same thing on Linux! Does anybody have any suggestions?
  3. HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I have a Samsung HLN467W a friend of mine gave me since he upgraded to a newer LCD tv. He said it was making a noise, which turned out to be the color wheel, which I replaced and seemed to fix it. Since I replaced the color wheel, the tv will work fine, but after watching it awhile, the picture...
  4. Samsung
    My Samsung DLP HL-R5667W is freezing up especially when I watch in DVR mode or another a/v input mode like dvd or vhs. It starts with no sound, then freezes up, goes black screen, then starts again. It goes through this cycle every few minutes. It did this when I had a dvd player hooked up with...
  5. Samsung
    Please help. I have Samsung HLN437W DLP HDTV. The picture will come on and it will be fine. Then, the picture will freeze black with the last frame outlined in white. Then it may go completely black. Audio is fine. If I power it off and back on a couple times, picture will work fine than...
1-5 of 6 Results