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  1. Record Frequency Sweep via Linux Terminal & Export to REW On Windows

    REW Forum
    I have used REW on Windows for some time, but I've also started putting together an active stereo system controlled by a minimal install of Ubuntu Server. Since I assume REW on Linux requires a graphical interface, is there a way to simply record a frequency sweep through the terminal which I...
  2. Resonant decay with frequency drift?

    REW Forum
    In examining the sound decay in my listening room of an open baffle loudspeaker system with the REW software I have observed that some resonances appear to increase in frequency with decay whereas others appear to decrease in frequency. The attached views show these phenomena. The first shows...
  3. gated frequency response

    REW Forum
    I have been gating the impulse response of measurements in order to understand better the room contribution (floor/ceiling reflections) to the sound my speaker system produces. This has been most instructive. If I set the IR windows (Right Window) to 2,5mS then I can examine the impulse...
  4. Problem with Frequency Response with EQ Filters

    REW Forum
    Problem with simulation of Frequency Response with EQ Filters In order to investigate the impact of the EQ Filters into Step Response, ETC, T60 and so on, I've tried to obtain an impulse response of my mesaurement with EQ Filters applied. To do so, I have followed these steps: 1) Export EQ...
  5. Weird Frequency Response Measurents

    REW Forum
    So I setup REW on my laptop and ran some measurements but am getting strange results. My frequency response has a very large upward tilt. See attached. Not sure where I'm going wrong. Tried 2 different speakers to make sure it wasnt a speaker issue. Using Radio Shack SPL meter for my mic...
  6. Invisible Frequency Response

    REW Forum
    Can anybody suggest why I can't see the frequency response in the main window? I moved the .mdat files to a different computer and get the same results. :help: Thanks
  7. Frequency and amplitude normalization

    REW Forum
    Is frequency and/or amplitude normalization done in presenting THD (harmonics) to minimize influence of pass-band effect? This is mentioned in the referred paper below. S. Temme, "How to Graph Distortion Measurements," In Audio Engineering Society Convention 94, Audio Engineering...
  8. v5.18 bug: Filtered IR frequency drop-down greyed out

    REW Forum
    I have a saved measurement in which the Filtered IR frequency selection drop-down is greyed out, locked in a certain setting. Also, just loading that file starts keeping the CPU busy. The fix I found is to uncheck and recheck Zero Phase Filtering (in Filtered IR's Controls). Is this a known...
  9. Plotting tube amplifier frequency??

    REW Forum
    Can I plot amplifier frequency using Room Equalization Wizard? It seems to be a microphone based application. I would need to go about the process differently for accurate measurements.
  10. Whats the highest frequency I should apply a filter to?

    REW Forum
    I know theoretically I can apply a filter to whatever frequency I like but I have read that I should really try to apply filters to the lower frequencies. I cannot recall the exact reason for this. Assuming this is still sound advice, for practical purposes, what is the highest frequency I...
  11. Summed frequency response?

    REW Forum
    I can't seem to find a way to get Summed frequency response or find any info in help files.
  12. aftershokz headbones frequency response

    Headphones | Head Gear
    Hi as I wrote in the title I am looking for technical details about the aftershokz headbones in particular I am looking at the frequency response details about the TREKZ TITANIUM LINK HERE. On the website they just declare a frequency response of 20Hz~20KHz. I also tried to contact them by email...
  13. EQing above the Schroeder Frequency

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    lashlee, Per your post Here I can only make a few extra comments as I do not really understand all the ins and outs of EQ. I do have an idea on some basics. Basics: > The Schroeder frequency is normally considered to be in the 200-300 Hz range for small rooms. It is the upper frequency that...
  14. Clarett8PreX questionable frequency response

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone. This is my first post. I just got as far as calibrating my new Clarett 8PreX and I'm not thrilled with what came out. Down 3 db at 18.438 kHz. I would expect a pro machine to be better. has anyone had experience with this unit or any Clarett, or the Antelope or UAD for that...
  15. "linear" speaker frequency response

    REW Forum
    Hi all, this is my first post here. So hello to everybody. :smile: I think that I've set up my measurement equipment correct and have made my first measurement with REW with my (super-linear) RME Multiface and my calibrated ECM8000. But I have a questen that I've not found answerd in the...
  16. Reverberation time measurement: Source signal and frequency resolution

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I'm looking to use a single frequency (sine wave) as the source signal and then measure reverberation times at a high resolution (i.e. 0.5Hz resolution). For example: Using a source signal of 56.2Hz to excite the room. Then measuring the RT60 at 63.5Hz. Is this possible with REW...
  17. REW convert frequency spectrum to fractional octave

    REW Forum
    When taking a RTA measurement in REW you have the choice of taking spectrum measurements (power/hz) or various fractional octave measurements (ie 1/12 RTA). It is impossible to ever compare the graphs of the two due to the different units, though it is mathematically possible to convert at least...
  18. Help with UMM-6 REW HDMI frequency response

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I just got my UMM-6 last week. I've read all the tutorials and set it up on my laptop using HDMI out to my XMC-1 for measuring frequency response of my new drivers Usher 8945A and Tymphany xt25tg30-04. The measurements look good up til after 5k or so and really by 10k the response is steadily...
  19. Low Frequency vs Transient response - 3 Subs & MiniDSP

    REW Forum
    I posted below over on AVS Forum in the MiniDSP section in regards to sub woofer delay settings. Goal is clean accurate bass. I am wondering if achieving a super flat SPL could in some way require delaying the timing such that is screws up the transient response. Or does avoiding nulls actually...
  20. Generator changes amplitude with frequency

    REW Forum
    Greetings I am having a problem with the signal generator and the sine wave sweep used for room measurements. The amplitude of the generator decreases as the frequency of the output increases. This occurs with REW running under both OS X and Windows 7. I have read and reread the instructions...