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  1. FBQ2496 Fried?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    First post out side the Post Padding Thread and first forum post in a long time. So since the BFD Guide link seems to be broken or taken down, I need to post a question. Received a New FBQ2496 in the mail today and inserted it into my system, after the pre and before the amp. Used all XLR...
  2. My Denon Avr-S700w Fried

    General Service and Technical Information
    I wasnt home when it happened.My son turned the receiver on and he heard a lound pop then sparks started coming out from the top then smoke.It basically is dead.Ihave already returned it and waiting fro my replacement. What i would like to know if improper speaker connections might have caused...
  3. Fried C/5 v C/6 Crossover

    DIY Speakers
    A few years ago I upgraded my Fried C/5 satellite speakers to Fried C/6's. I saved the drivers and now I'd like to make a center channel from them. I have a schematic of the new C/6 crossover. I don't remember if it was identical to the C/5's or not. Does anybody know what the Fried C/5...
  4. Upgrading Fried O/4 Subwoofers

    DIY Speakers
    I built these O/4's twenty years ago. One of the Carbonneau CG-258R 10" woofers has some damage. Fried used to sell upgrades for their speakers. Any suggestions for new guts for my transmission lines?
  5. Noobie fried something. Toshiba 57h81

    Hi. I'm Scott. I plan on attending more classes to understand how to create and diagnose a circuit soon. I don't have enough posts to post a picture yet. However, I read the sticky in this forum and upgraded to STK 392-150's after my TV got the flashing red light.. The solder joints on the...
  6. Samsung HCL473W Crispy Fried board :(

    Greetings! This is my first question on this forum and I want to begin by saying that all I've read here so far has been awesome! Background: We had the above mentioned Samsung HD rear Projection TV in use for about 5 years with no problems, then the red convergance started going bad, then...