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  1. Looking for AVR for a friend

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    A friend of mine just bought a condo and is looking to get her system up and running. She has a really old model Onkyo AVR (it was good at the time and still works, but it's old enough not to have HDMI) that needs to be replaced. She'll be setting her system up in 3.1 (not negotiable) and...
  2. Mans Best Friend: pics

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Thought it would be fun to see some HTS dogs! Here's my wingman: Moose Moose is an 8 year old Portuguese Water Dog. He's a pretty cool cat. Very intelligent... he's a working dog and a super strong swimmer. He's also within 5 feet of me nearly all day long ;-) We've had Moose since he...
  3. Lost a good friend today.

    Care Chapel
    I was outside messing with my wife's car and as always my buddy Brady was there with me. After a few minutes went buy I called out to him but no answer nor did he come running like always. I walked to the end of the driveway and there he was collapsed. I got to him and he was having a hard time...
  4. Crown X2000 and X4000 on sale at Musician's friend

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Musician's Friend has the X2000 and X4000 on sale for $199 and $299 respectively... The X series is nothing but a rebadged XLI series made specifically for Musician's Friend and Guitar Central (kinda like how costco has the same item as other stores but with a different model #).. the X2000 is...
  5. Memorial to a good friend... goodbye Walter Barno!

    Care Chapel
    Walter Barno 1959-2013 Walter installed our first car audio system in 1984... and sold us our first home audio system in 1984. I can thank him for getting me into car and home audio in such a big way. It is all his fault! Walter was a true friend that we kept up with faithfully over the years...
  6. Prayers for a friend

    Care Chapel
    Hi my friends, today I received very sad news that a friend of mine who has battled a very similar cancer to what my late wife had, passed away this afternoon at the age of 29. She leaves behind a husband and 3 young boys under the age of 6. I ask for prayer that Mike and his young boys will...
  7. My First Measurment in Friend's house

    REW Forum
    I am placing screen shots and attaching data file from REW. It is taken from my friend's home theater. He has done intensive following bass traps using corner owen oc 703. 1. All corner traps from floor to ceiling using super chunks 2. On Front wall from left to right 3. On the back wall from...
  8. Friend now hooked, help me find him dual smaller subs

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I had a friend over last night to watch a movie, we watched Drive. When it ended he turned to me very deliberately and said, "I want in!" So, he asked me to find him dual subs for ~$1k or less that are "smaller" than my PB12-NSD.(his wife did not like form factor) His space is a sealed room with...
  9. Just an online friend

    Care Chapel
    Never underestimate the power of the relationships that we build online. I lost a friend today. A man that I only actually met once, but shared conversations by phone and online many many times. He was a great tech, Doug Miner, from New Hampshire. A brilliant man who taught me so much about...
  10. Headphone question for a friend

    Headphones | Head Gear
    My friend is looking at getting new in ear headphones. He likes the sound of the Skullcandy FMJ's, and has a $100 price limit, so he can spend slightly more than the fmj's will cost. He will be listening to mostly music by The Devil Wears Prada, and likes the sound of the electric guitars to be...
  11. Friend Left His Wife and Kids - Please Pray

    Care Chapel
    One of my friends left his wife and kids for another woman. If there are any praying folks out there please pray for Ray and his family!! :sad: :crying: Matt
  12. hdc3 btl death penalty Lv5 mayhem havoc DD friend gettn in the game wants SPL

    Mobile Audio
    got a buddy that wants to get a good loud system, looking for a good 18" for loud daily probably in the $500 - $600 range give or take. Vehicle is undetermined for now, most likely an SUV, possibly a small hatchback sports car, either way will slot port and tune around 35Hz. Prolly get a HO alt...
  13. Need a sub for a friend who's a DJ

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    My friend who's a DJ needs a sub built (in one week) so I'm trying to get something going quickly here. Need a final load of 4ohms and though he doesn't have an amp yet I think we're going with 500RMS or a little more at 4ohms. This will be for music events that he DJ's so anything below...
  14. Musician's Friend

    Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Musician's Friend, InC. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/ PO Box 4370 Medford, OR 97501-0168 800-391-8762 HOME THEATER SHACK SUPPORTER :clap:
  15. Musician's Friend gift card

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    I received a gift certificate from Musician's Friend after turning in a bad amp and I have no need for it (I already purchased a new amp before realizing I'd be getting money back). It's for $209 and some change. I'd like to get around $200 for it considering it's as good as cash IF you're...
  16. Prayers for a dear friend and co-worker...

    Care Chapel
    I am disheartened that the lady that works with me and that I have known for some 25+ years, Joy Griffin, age 56, has been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma (lung cancer) and it is apparent that death is rapidly approaching her. Joy started working with me when I first opened First Troy...
  17. My friend died

    Care Chapel
    Hi all, me again. On Thursday morning I lost one of my closest friends. Another one lost to cancer. I currently feel aweful and lonely. I can't believe my luck, two in one year. Any prayers would be appreciated. Thankyou. Dr F
  18. I have a friend who....

    AV Home Theater
    I have a friend that has a Yamaha 663 that he was bi-amping (not opening a can of worms) to his mains which are Polk RTi10s. He has installed big watt Yamaha Amps now for his mains. Without entering in a debate about bi-amping I am interested to know if this matters. He will be using the...
  19. my friend needs help.

    Care Chapel
    Sorry this is a very quick call for help, I will post the details later. For now can people please pray for Katina for comfort and support? Thankyou, I promise I will update with the full story later but I am in a rush right now. Cheers Drf
  20. Budget sub that I'm building for a friend.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    What driver, enclosure would match up very well with a 100Watt plate amp? I have this amp that I'm trying to get rid of, and a friend wants me to build him a sub, and he isn't expecting a lot because of the small space requirements. I can get exact dimensions in a day or so, but for now I'd say...