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  1. Getting frustrated with the mindsp and REW

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have downloaded the latest version of REW v5 15.1 beta. I have read the REW step by step guide on the AVS forum and somethings are not clicking. For the moment all I want to do is use REW for my subs I have the UMIK-1 mic down loaded the file. I may have missed something but everything goes...
  2. Frustrated newbie...setup issues

    REW Forum
    I've got to say that the learning curve using REW is much longer than I expected! I've spent several hours reading the REW Help (not really a help...more of a college textbook) and the Getting Started (much more help) as well many forum searches & posts. I purchases a calibrated UMM-6, a...
  3. Getting frustrated with trying to configure REW

    REW Forum
    Have a toshiba win7 laptop and a UCA-202 sound card and RS Analog SPL meter. Edit:: sound this thread that helped me calibrate my sound card correctly!!!! http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/rew-forum/26169-uca-202-problems-solutions-calibration-rew-windows-7-more.html I was ready to give...
  4. Frustrated with slim tower / sub setups -bass level

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Ok I was raised on a Marantz receiver and 4 JBL L100's crica 1973 vintage. In addition I have had a pair of Klipsch KG4's which were excellent speakers aside from the driver baffles that would crack and leak (many replacements). Then it was on to Klipsch RF3 towers / sub combo and most recently...
  5. OK, I am officially frustrated!

    REW Forum
    This REW and Sound Blaster Live sound card, are ******** me off! I can not get this stuff to work at all! I am frustrated, and ready to give up completely! I don't know why I am having so many problems with this stuff, but it just will not work for me. Time to give up. Anyone want to buy a...
  6. Need help with my QSC amp, very frustrated!!!

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hey, I just got my QSC MX-700 amp in and got it hooked up. Very excited I grabbed the remote turned er on and played some music. To my disappointment there was barely any output! I had both chan 1 and 2 gains full and there was barely any bass. I checked all my connections and everything looks...