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  1. [REQ] preserve ref time on trace arithmetic (or add a copy function)

    REW Forum
    atm you can copy a trace using (A+B)/2 but the copied measurement is left with ref time of t=0 no matter where the original traces are. It would be nice if this were set automatically and/or an explicit copy option were added that avoided the need to use trace arithmetic at all. On a related...
  2. Marantz SR-770 Multi-Room Function

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Marantz SR-770 AVR, but no manual. I would like to use the Multi-Room function and have figured out how to select the second source but am unsure how to get the signal to the 'other' room. I may have this totally wrong, but do I need to connect one set of pre-outs to another amp which...
  3. Which I/O for loopback timing function?

    REW Forum
    I'm using my video card's (Nvidia GeForce 560) HDMI output to send audio signal to my Emotiva UMC-200. This allows me to select which speaker I want to test using ASIO4ALL. That way, I don't have to unplug and configure lines for each speaker. My input is via a Behringer UM2. My question is...
  4. Pro Amp With Auto On Function

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    sorry if this has been asked before, i've searched but have come up empty... are you guys aware of any of the pro amps that feature an auto on function? seems like a trivial feature, but it is rather necessary in an installation i'm considering. thanks for any suggestions, scott
  5. New function required : implementation of Low pass and High pass filters to perfectly simulate response curve with EQs

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone, I am using REW for several months now, and I am slowly improving my measurement and optimization method. Quite time consuming, but when we like it… :innocent: My subject of interest is a 3 voices multi amplified system with a Xilica crossover. I measured each speaker individually...
  6. Need help with Transfer Function

    REW Forum
    Hi folks. Brand new to the forum. I am a professional keyboard player and part time sound guy. Trying to step up my game with doing sound. I have great equipment (digital mixer, QSC KW series powered tops and subs, digital snakes, etc). I recently bought a DriveRack PX to try out. I am not that...
  7. Marantz from AC4L does not function properly

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi Gents and ladies, I just received my Marantz NR1402 from Accessories for Less and the remote control does not function. when I press a button on the remote the signal indicator lights on the remote but the receiver does nothing in return. I've also programmed my Harmony 890 for the receiver...
  8. Trans Function Question

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I've tried and when I think I know what this means I read something or see something that doesn't make since to me. Can someone explain what this graph is saying? It's a simple graph between two subs elemental 13AV and 16Ov. The 13AV has a much better looking trans function graph but, the 16OV's...
  9. Newbie: What function to use?

    REW Forum
    Hello, I would like to equalize a pair a very high end speakers that have a built in equalizer and 3 crossover points that can be tweaked. Here is what I have to perform the equalization: - REW 5 running on a Win7 x64 platform - external Creative sound card with 2Xin and 2Xout RCA - a...
  10. Waterfall function in REW

    REW Forum
    Helo Jone. There were some progresses about Waterfall function in REW. I like it very much. After some test, I feel that, the resonance's tails allways were longer than expected. I am not sure, there are problems within my test or withih REW V5.:dontknow: Yuan
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  12. How to use the rta function in REW5

    REW Forum
    Hi there, Could someone explain to me how you use the rta function. When I click on the measurement I took and click on rta another window comes up which is fine but when you click on the THD button it says it is not available. I would like to work out what distortion values my subs are...
  13. FS: Behringer EP2500 - Appears to function $90

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    SOLD! - Behringer EP2500 - Appears to function $90 -SOLD! SOLD....
  14. Smoothing function in new REW version?

    REW Forum
    so... in the minimal filtering/hard knee house curve thread there was talk about in a later version of REW there may be functionality to smooth the response curve rather than just the waterfall (use + and - gain on the automatic eq); is this possible yet? EDIT: I have a Crown USM-810 (ok...
  15. AS-EQ1 SubEQ function in 2 Channel audio setup.

    Hi, I am considering purchasing the AS-EQ1. I have a relatively complete understanding of setup and the performance improvement the AS-EQ1 will provide in my Home theater setup. I am a wondering though if a second one in could function in the following situation. I have a Peachtree Audio Decco...
  16. about average function

    REW Forum
    hi all, I'd like to know more about how the REW average function is calculated. Especially when some of the averaged signals are non-minimal phase, how is the calculation done ? Thanks for any info.
  17. Help! Bug (?) in export filter as WAV function?

    REW Forum
    I'm trying to use REW to create a filter for use with the Inguz plugin for slimserver. As such, I need to export the filter impulse response to a WAV file. However when I do this, the WAV I get is incorrect: viewed in Audacity I can see that it's zero for the first two samples, then fs (full...