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    You guys excited? "The Americans" second season starts on FX this upcoming Wednesday. I was very impressed with the first season and in particular how Keri Russell acted. She was good in "Felicity" but with this new show, I think it shows her overall acting experience.
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    Anyone else catch the premiere? I thought it was a bit weird, yet intriguing. Diane Kruger's character is the weird/quirky part of the show.
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  4. Testing
    Just that fast, it's like it all never happened. Fox and Dish Network have cut a deal to restore programming from the giant's channels including 19 regional sports networks, FX and National Geographic Channel. No word yet on the terms of the deal, but the key is it arrived in time to avoid a...
  5. Testing
    The latest carriage dispute is already a few days old and shows no signs of breaking yet, as Fox and Dish Network square off. Naturally both have issued the usual press releases and promotional websites blaming the other but at the moment, the only thing to know is for Dish customers, Fox...
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    Does anyone know if and when the FX network is going to join the HD community? To my knowledge it's not available anywhere in HD...