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  1. Better alignment stacking or boundary gain?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I will be building a tower for two PSI custom 18" drivers that were originally 13av.2's but are now 18's utilizing the underhung av.2 motor. I have room for 14cu ft sealed but my question is whether to stack two drivers at the lower portion of the box or one near the floor and one near the...
  2. BW AAA gain? and N value of DIY home theatre light contrast paint

    DIY Screens
    Does anyone know the gain of the BW AAA does anyone know the N value of the DIY home theatre paint it light contrast cheers Jase
  3. Tempest-X2 Sealed 8cuft / EP4000 - proper gain?

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    So, I finally finished my 8Cuft sealed Tempest-X2 sub..... and I have to say it's SOOO nice to have a sub that can handle everything that I throw at it! A 15" high excursion driver just doesn't compare to my poor HSU VTF-1 (although I have to say that VTF-1 sounds great for music and the volumes...
  4. Will I need an Art Clean Box for gain?

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I have a Denon AVR-2808CI and was wondering if it has enough output on the LFE channel, or will I need an Art Clean Box for more gain. I'm looking at the EP1500 and Mackie M-1400i pro amplifiers. I will run it bridged to a Mach5 IXL 15.2.2 in about 5 or 6ft^3. I like the Mackie because it has...
  5. Weighting, limited bandwidth Pink PN, room gain?

    REW Forum
    I setup my levels using 75dB limited bandwidth pink noise with my disc, then I went into REW and am checking levels using Pink PN from the CD player. I needed to raise my subs gain from -9 to -7, about where my other speakers are at. After my filters I raise the gain 1dB back to where it was...
  6. hd70 100" screen white or high gain?

    General Screen Discussion
    i use my projector mostly in cinema mode and i'm trying to squeeze life out of an old bulb. i can usually get my room very dark, but sometimes lights are in an adjoining room. all signs seemed to point to a 1.8 gain screen. i'm looking at the elite silverframe powergain. my only concern is the...