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    Specialty retailer lists top-tier edition of May 24-dated racing game; 1/16 model of Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta included in pack. Last November, Activision bundled an RC car with its $150 Prestige edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops. This May, Codemasters is upping the ante, according to...
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    Gamestop Starts Selling SuperCharged PlayStation 3 03/17/2011 Written by Cameron Teague On sale now at Gamestop is an ‘upgraded’ PS3 labeled as a supercharged refurbished PS3 and is coming chocked full of extras you don’t usually see out of the box when you pick up the...
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    GameStop Set to Make Hundreds of Millions Via Digital Sales 10/11/2010 Written by Paulmichael Contreras When digital downloads really started taking off for the console gaming industry, physical media stores began to worry. GameStop has not rested on its laurels, however, and...
21-23 of 36 Results