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  1. In ceilings for garage tunes

    Home Audio Speakers
    I spend a LOT of time in my garage and the craigslist JBL 4800s Ive been using out there have been alright but the positioning requirements out there really ruined the sound VS when I was finishing the garage and had them on my bench, pulled out from the walls (particularly before sheetrock went...
  2. Front room over garage HT ideas

    AV Home Theater
    I ended up with a house with a FROG { front room over garage } Help me decide on how to turn this 12 x 20 room into a rocking home theater. Projector with Acoustic screen { diy sound group 1299's } ? 65 inched LED with Statements ? I plan to oc703 the room, paint it black. Plug the front...
  3. Help with building a system for a 36x48 Garage

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I've been trying to do some research on building an audio setup from scratch, boxes and all. However I haven't found anything for really large areas. My father who has been a mechanic for his whole life, quit his job over a year ago and started his own business. With work load and lack of...
  4. NR818 Garage Zone 3

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I am at a loss here. Onkyo NR818. The front wide speakers are hooked up to zone 2. If the receiver is set so zone 2 and zone 3 are powered, I can play zone 3 independently in the garage. Zone 2 can be independently controlled to play the same music as the main speaker set up, and the volume can...
  5. Garage....

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    Garage setup....still trying to figure out where to put those Infinity's. Its for PPV parties, BBQ's, etc. [/url][/IMG]
  6. Converting Garage to Bonus Room - Media Closet Design?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    In April, we will be building a new garage and converting our existing garage into a game room, or a multi use space. I want to create a media closet for the HT equipment, as well as general storage. My initial idea is to create a 5' x 3' insulated closet, use double sliding doors on the...
  7. The Garage Theater

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    This journey started for me about 25 years ago, with the latest chapter starting about 6 years ago, in my current home. I'll try to summarize my current build, and what's happening next. I would love advice, recommendations, etc, which is why I will share as much detail as possible (mostly...
  8. Recommend a Garage CD Player?

    CD Players | Turntables
    Anyone want to recommend a reasonably okay CD player for the garage? Not high end stuff, but reasonable audio quality.
  9. Speakers & Sub for garage gym

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello to all the good folks in HTS, I am new hear so please excuse my ignorance :olddude:. I have converted my double garage into a gym and would like to get speakers along with a sub woofer. I mainly listen to hip hop. I am definitely an sq guy, so i prefer quality over quantity. I love detail...
  10. Horrorfan33's Garage HT

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    Well, its just about done..few little paint touch ups and some wire management left...I was on a very strict budget with this, so its nothing spectacular, but its fun!!..anyway, here it is..
  11. Garage Conversion :)

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Well, I decided to make the garage my new home theater!!..Its 16x25, so its a good space...I painted my screen on and built the frame around it..Its 140" and looks great!!..Cant wait to upgrade my projector!!...I'm just getting around to painting..next thing is running the speaker wires and...
  12. FS: Ricci's garage cleaning. SDX-15's, Dayton RS-18, RE Audio SX-18, Funk Audio enclosure

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I have some drivers and a cabinet that all need a good home and are just sitting in my garage collecting dust. I am in the Louisville metro area. Local pickup is welcome and preferred. SOLD!!!! Dayton RS18-HO. 10/10 function, 9/10 cosmetic. Bought new and used for a few hours. Original...
  13. Treat my garage?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    After signing a new lease today, I'm looking forward to setting up my theater properly, instead of in my dorm room. Unfortunately, the house is simply too small to fit my speakers and screen properly in a room, so my housemates and I have decided to follow in the steps of our neighbors and make...
  14. An idea for a wiring cabinet in the garage

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I'm looking for an enclosed wiring cabinet to put everything in, then I came up with this idea. I'm going to bolt a cabinet to the garage wall, having the hole in the back of cabinet will work well for all the wiring to go thru. For me this will be new construction, so having all the...
  15. Is sound isolation necessary under a garage?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    We built a new home about a year ago and used superior walls for our foundation. During construction, my builder introduced us to a product called insul-deck (learn about it here: http://www.insul-deck.org/product.htm) to use for our garage floor (on the main level). This would allow us to...
  16. Pimp My Garage

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi all - thought I'd post some info on the dedicated HT I'm building. If you visit AVS Forums, the title might sound familiar. :clap: Our house has a 4 car detached garage - has mostly been used as storage (er piles of junk), and for a workshop, and sometimes a car even managed to get in...
  17. SkyLink G6M Garage Door Remote Control for GTR Opener - Only $6.95 - Save 77%

    Great Deals and Specials
    Only $6.95 77% OFF | MSRP: $29.95 334 Avaialable | 6 Sold as of 05/04/10 6:10pm CDT Free Shipping
  18. FS: Garage sale. Raw drivers, speakers, and 7.1 Infinity beta

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I'm going to be leaving in a few months for some military stuff and will be gone for a year. I figured I might as well sell off some excess gear and buy all new stuff when I get back :) Raw Drivers: AEspeakers TD15h (two): SOLD -DIYMA R12 (four): $125/ea ($475/all) shipped (US48) One was...
  19. MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    This has been six years in the making. Finally been given the go ahead to convert our two car garage into a HT. The plan is to convert about 5/8 of the garage and utilize the room as a dedicated HT coupled with a desk where I can work in the day (in peace I may add!). This will be an opportunity...
  20. New garage to HT build, comments welcome

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi all - So my dream HT is finally in the making. My build will be similar to Sonnie's Cedar Creek HT (ver 1.0) which has given me great inspiration to do this. The plan is to create a new room within a room in my two door garage. The garage door will be derailed and completely sealed. The...