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  1. Hi my name is Mfinzi. My passion is buiding custom gear

    REW Forum
    Would like to establish whether REW will run with 5.1 pci sound cars, if its feasible, how do l configure the settings to obtain srereo out and stereo in. Regards
  2. HDMI 2.1 Offers Performance, But Prepare to Buy New Gear

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Just when you thought it was safe to call your system future-proof, the HDMI Forum has turned the tables (yet again) and announced a new iteration of its HDMI Specification. Version 2.1 was officially unveiled earlier this month at CES 2017, with promises of support for data intense performance...
  3. US Audiolist Offers an Inexpensive Alternative to Buy and Sell Used AV Gear

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Home Theater Shack is proud to welcome US Audiolist as a new sponsor. This newly launched AV site is designed to be the Internet’s most affordable place to buy and sell used AV gear. Its founder, Massachusetts native John Nguyen, is a passionate AV fanatic that’s been an audiophile for more...
  4. List your home audio and home theater gear FREE at US AUDIOLIST

    US Audiolist
    US AUDIOLIST is a new auction site where you can buy and sell your home audio and home theater items with very low fees.We are having a Promotion running from Now until 12/30/2017, you now can list all your home audio, home theater items at www.usaudiolist.com for FREE. Just Sign Up at the site...
  5. Using REW to test/calibrate gear only

    REW Forum
    Hi, I have some older analog gear, like tape machines and a recording console for example. I've used REW before and calibrated my converters with a loop back. It's a great tool, thank you for making it! I'm wondering if I can use it to test frequency response (and more) of some of my aging...
  6. Suggestions regarding my current gear setup

    REW Forum
    So, I decided to finally get into this calibration world myself now...i've used contractors in the past to do our calibrations on theatre room projects, but am now interested in learning the basics myself....I've decided to learn REW since it seems to have one of the largest support forum groups...
  7. samsung gear s2 question?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi all i have a samsung galaxy s6 edge plus mobile phone that i bought from the usa from uk ebay i live in the uk kettering northamptonshire area i am after buying a samsung gear s2 smartwatch that i can pair with my mobile phone so i want the 3g version that will work in the uk i want to use...
  8. Any new gear have significant upgrades?

    AV Home Theater
    Was just browsing through some of the new products on another website. All I'm seeing is the same products. Some have some new adjectives, aside from that, any home theater gear that's made a significant improvement to your system? Not to say there aren't any new great products out there by...
  9. Planning on a HT room for my Dad place.. need audio gear recommendations

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    So my dad is not a crazy audio nut like myself or his brother is. He has a simple $1k bose system right now that he is happy with. But he is talking now about changing up a few rooms upstairs to accommodate a dedicated movie room. He does want to spend a small amount on the audio just to give...
  10. New Christmas Gear

    AV Home Theater
    Merry Christmas! Thought it would be good to share what new acquisitions in home theater gear Christmas brought myself (and any others who'd like to share). For myself, I sold 2 15" subwoofers and am adding 2 (one at a time) Mariana Deep Sea Sound 24 subwoofers. These are monster subs, with...
  11. Gear room and server cabinet cooling

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have this plan to shove my gear in a server rack, and then under the stairs. I have installed an exhaust fan in the room which will force are through ducting and into another room, it will be controlled with a temperature switch which will kick it on at a set temp(any temp setting...
  12. Changes at Cambridge Audio Include a New Badge and a New Series of Gear

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    The British Hi-Fi company Cambridge Audio arrived at CES with two big pieces of news. First, they’re changing their logo. Gone are the days of “Cambridge Audio” stamped on equipment. Going forward, you’ll simply see “Cambridge.” The company says this new logo is a nod to the past while...
  13. Covers for gear, amps etc

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Does anyone know of anyplace online that sells fabric or cloth covers for gear with some protective foam/polyethylene ?? Looking for something form fitted that I can put over my amps. They site on my entertainment center and I have a 2 year old... and my wife decided to put some art work to...
  14. Piecing together REW setup. Running sound through my receiver HDMI.. What gear do I need?

    REW Forum
    Hello All, I am trying to setup my room to start measuring with REW. I have my home computer with on board sound card and GeForce GT 610 video card hook to my Marantz 7007 via HDMI. From my 7007 I have a Crown XTi 4000 running my 15"s and Crown XTi 2000 running my Paradigm Montior 11's...
  15. Home theatre startup gear

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello fellow shacksters, after following many of the posts quietly from the sideline, I am now going to step up and ask for your help. I used to have a man cave setup before I sold off everything and decided to start fresh. At some point in the near future I'll be building a dedicated theatre...
  16. Luxman gear and Vivid B-1 speakers (cross post)

    Two Channel Audio
    Putting a "heads up" here since there's a lot of 2-channel Luxman goodness in my Vivid speaker thread Luxman and Vivid goodness Enjoy!
  17. Onkyo Hits the Summer with High-End Gear (TX-NR3030, TX-NR1030, PR-SC5530)

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    At this point Onkyo’s decision to remove Audyssey from its AV gear is old news; the initial shock has worn and the earth continues to spin. However, some enthusiasts and fans of the brand held hope that Onkyo had simply removed Audyssey from lower-end models, keeping the popular room correction...
  18. Are we seeing any good gear designed in China

    New Member Introductions
    I think we are all familiar with made in china designed in the USA, not yet myself seeing designed and made in china which is a bit of a surprise given the advances in product of other sorts in recent times. Any other info appreciated
  19. Yamaha Unveils New Audiophile Gear: A-S2100 Amp and CD-S2100 CD Player

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Enthusiasts yearn for high quality gear that performs well and looks good while doing it, and Yamaha wants to satisfy those desires; the company’s crown jewel model, the $8,0000 A-S3000 Amplifier (and it’s matching CD player), finally has some new (more affordable) company. At roughly half the...
  20. my analog sound-only gear with DSP

    Audio Processing
    So I was just wondering... Is there a converter of some type to allow me to use the late model encoded signals in DVDs and TV to allow me to use my analog receiver and speaker setup? And maybe add a center channel/rears? Do I even want to?