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  1. Help with REW RTA measurement on generated sweep

    REW Forum
    Hello, This is my first post here and first stab at REW after lots of reading and video watching. I wanted to share what I did as a workflow and the graph I got so that someone can help me further as the results do not make sense to me. 1. Installed REW 5.19 with java 2. Connected my miniDSP...
  2. REW generated mic cal. Using EQ APO

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to use REW to create/ generate a mic calibration file that can be loaded into EQ APO so that when I run Smaart6 I can count on the same measurement accuracy I get when using REW or any other software that makes use of mic cal data. Smaart6 does...
  3. Problem with Generated Signal

    REW Forum
    Hey Guys, I have a Problem, On my Lap top i have REW and on my PC ... On my Lap top the generated Signal (Pink Noise) have no Problem... But on my PC, the generated Signal have a lot of Clicks in there... I work with the MOTU 828 MK3 I have tried Various things... for Example the Sample Rate...
  4. A graph is generated when no sound is emitted (noob alert)

    REW Forum
    Equipment used; - Windows 7 - M-Audio Fast Track Pro - Behringer 8000 mic Here's a strange one.... Posted below, is a screen shot of several sweeps. REW was complaining to me that it's not loud enough, and that I need to turn it up. It took me a while, but I discovered that I can turn the...
  5. Running EQ module for Arithmetic generated trace

    REW Forum
    Hi All, Is it possible to run EQ filters synthesis for calculated arithmetic traces? I see no restrictions about this in Help file, I tried to do this but no luck. Steps to reproduce: - make two measures (dummy ones), call it "1" and "2". - make trace "3" by generating trace in "Trace...