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  1. How do I run a sweep with a corrective software EQ inserted?

    REW Forum
    Hello, I'm looking for help as to how to run a sweep with a corrective software EQ applied, so as to test my corrective EQ settings. I spent a lot of time with REW doing a lot of sweeps and figured out the best position for my monitors, sub, and mix position (with the help of a consultant for...
  2. Generating .frd and .zma files from REW that can be used by Passive Crossover Designer and WinPCD

    REW Forum
    To use Passive Crossover Designer (or the Windows version, WinPCD) requires that you import the speaker frequency response as an .frd file or the impedance curve as a .zma file. The instructions for REW explain how to export your measurements as text files and state that the format is compatible...
  3. Recommended smoothing setting for generating filters?

    REW Forum
    Is there a recommended smoothing to apply to the measurement curve prior to generating room correction filters? For example, 1/48 smoothing can produce filters that have very sharp peaks and nulls - which, when applied in practice, may actually cause new problems in room response. So, is there...
  4. Problem Generating Graph Image

    REW Forum
    I've come this far in my REW 1st attempt and now I can't make the jpg or ping :sad: Everything appears to work but no file is generated. 1) I Get my graph set up how I want it 2) I press capture, "Save graph image" dialog appears 3) I select OK (I've tried jpeg's and png's) 4) filename and...
  5. REW not generating a measurement signal

    REW Forum
    Hmm. I've used REW with great success a few months ago. Today, though, my system was moved into a new room and I've been unable to repeat measurements. I'm able to play music but not generate a test signal from REW. No hardware or configuration has changed since the successful measurements but I...