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  1. REW V5.0 signal generator error

    REW Forum
    Hello--I downloaded REW V5.0 to my notebook a while back. The signal generator works normally when I use the integrated soundcard or connect an external USB card. Today I loaded REW V 5.0 to my desktop which uses a PCI M-Audio 24/96 stereo soundcard. When I tried using the signal generator the...
  2. Sweep vs. signal generator

    REW Forum
    I'm new to REW (and room measuring in general) and am trying to understand a couple of things. When I run the measurement sweep and look at the resulting frequency response, I see several frequencies where the level drops way down (~50dB drop). If I then use the signal generator and set it to...
  3. More Savable Test Signals in the Generator

    REW Forum
    I currently use JRiver as my playback software. JRiver has a high quality parametric EQ that can be easily used with the filters generated by REW. However, the only way to currently test the filters with REW is to use the RTA feature and a Pink PN file. This doesn't give impulse response or...
  4. REW Generator for testing crossover with Denon AVR-1610

    REW Forum
    Greetings. I recently bought a Denon AVR-1610 receiver with Polk Audio PSW110 subwoofer. I am currently using these with an old set of CA Newton MC100 satellites. I'm trying to tune the crossover point and the sub's LPF so that I obtain a good SQ with this configuration. For this, I'm using REW...
  5. True RTA and signal generator

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I recently purchased True RTA to calibrate my sub with EQ since I was never able to get REW to work with my current hardware properly. I used the Avia disc and it's LFE sweep as my signal to EQ my sub. My question is what other signal generators could I use that are not so long as the sweep...
  6. Generator signal not continuous

    REW Forum
    Fellow Shacksters I need your help. I am trying to set up my 4 year old Toshiba Portege Intel Pentium M processor 2 MB RAM Windows XP and Creative SoundBlaster LX to do some measurements and I have followed all instructions to the T. However, ALL test signals and generator signals are...
  7. Differences between measure and generator

    REW Forum
    I have set REW 4.11 up, and everything looks ok, and I am testing a sub. The problem that I see is I do a "Measure from 0-1khz, and then I switch to "Generator" Sine Wave, Frequency tracks the cursor, and the results according to the SPL meter are different. I do not make any changes between...
  8. Tone generator... no tone???

    REW Forum
    Happy Holidays! So I've been using with success REQ and had a need/desire to use the tone generator. I can select the tone/sweep and click play and I get nothing. Everything else is/has worked in this program. No issues hearing/recording sweeps etc. Any ideas?
  9. How to Use REW Generator ?

    REW Forum
    Hi, May be this has been asked and answered before. I wonder how one decides which type of signal (sine wave, pink noise, log sweep ... ) should be used for measuring ? Thanks.
  10. CalMAN Pattern Generator test w/nvidia GeForce8400M G

    Video Calibration
    These are some results that I posted on the CalMAN forum after some tests of the pattern generator in their latest Beta (build 95) of v3. This is really more of a test of the video adapter than the pattern generator. The machine is the ASUS A8 notebook running a T7250 core2 duo processor...
  11. use of pink noise generator to check relative channel levels

    REW Forum
    This is probably a silly question, but if I play the pink noise through the system the 'image' should be dead centre, is that correct? The reason I'm a little confused is that from memory the signal is only on one channel out (which is why we need a stereo jack to ensure correct contact), would...
  12. Signal Generator vs. AVIA or DVE

    Video Calibration
    JimP came down to visit yesterday and brought with him an AccuPel signal generator. Pretty neat gadget... AccuPel link... He got my Toshiba RPTV looking much better as well as my Z4 projector. I contacted Ovation Software (AVIA) and they are discussing an HD version of AVIA, but nothing...