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  1. Sample rate for Generic Equaliser

    REW Forum
    Hi JohnM and thank you for the fantastic REW. I started to write an open source software DSP with HDMI output for the Raspberry Pi that would rely on REW for room correction via IIRs. The DSP would run at 96 kHz by default or another sample rate depending on user settings. Generic Equaliser...
  2. Generic EQ unused filters with Match Response

    REW Forum
    I have just started using REW and can't figure out why the below is happening. When selecting generic under equalizers I enabled all 20 available bands and set them to Auto PK but when I click Match Response to Target REW only uses 9 of them and sets the others to None. I also set the range to...
  3. Generic HDMI and/or Cat 6 question

    System Setup and Connection
    Im finishing my basement...I have my basement totally studded and all my 120v wiring done. Now im trying to decide what netwrok type wiring I need. I plan to run atleast 5 Cat6 locations. 1 in the projector area, 1 each for 2 TV locations, plus 2 more in random areas. For a total of 5. Is...
  4. Sony KP-57WS510 Repair IC Chips (OEM VS Generic)

    It seems my 57" Sony (KP-57WS510) is starting to have convergence problems on the initial power on. It will correct itself after 30 mins or so but I have decided to attempt a IC chip repair. After reading many posts and searching for replacement IC chips, It seems that the Sanyo original OEM IC...
  5. Can't Download Generic Calibration Files

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi, new to REW and learning. I'm using a Radio Shack meter (digital) and trying to download the "Model 33-2055 Digital RS Meter Correction Values". Each attempt it would come up as "Windows can't open this file". Can someone please guide me to the correct procedure to download this file. Also...
  6. Thoughts or experience with a Generic Projector ?

    Home Theater Projectors
    This is a local add. I can get it for $275. It is hooked to a Blu-ray and I am going to check it out Friday night. This is a very lightly used projector with less than 500 hours used out of 6000. Used in a smoke free home and is free of any defects aesthetically or mechanically. Currently...
  7. Generic Foam bass traps

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Thinking about adding some bass traps to your room? Curious about the effectiveness of the inexpensive bass traps from generic foam vendors? Here are the results I got from using 8 of the corner units in my room. The tan trace is without traps, purple trace is with traps. Units are roughly...
  8. Generic Advice on Accoustics

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I thought I'd throw this out there for the experts and pro's in accoustics.. Assume we have a rectangular room with a carpeted floor and a typical height ceiling. I'd like to keep the advice as generic as possible, but if you need a dimension for the room, how about 10x15. If I want to address...