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  1. Hitachi
    Hi, I had a tech come to my place a while back to fix the convergence on my Hitachi 53FDX, he did that via the service menu he accessed using a button on the lower left of my tv behind a panel he removed in the front. I cant complain about the color, the reds, greens and blues are all lined up...
  2. Hitachi
    are geometry adjustments on hitachis all manual and no digital? mostly deflection yoke and beam magnets? thanks for any help.
  3. Hitachi
    Hello there... So I'm one of the folks with an older RPTV, it's a 57S500. I just upgraded to HD through DirecTV and discovered that this particular set likes its overscan set nice and high for HD standards. I've dug up a bunch of older posts on some other BB about the set and modifying the...
  4. Mitsubishi
    I just purchased the 73833 and i have adjusted basic geometry via the sm. The problem im going to describe doesnt seem fixable through the part of the sm i was in. The problem i have is that everything tilts up slightly on the left side of the screen. If i put up a test pattern its pretty easy...
1-4 of 4 Results