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  1. Give a newbie some speaker recommendations

    Home Audio Speakers
    First off, I've been reading here a bunch lately and I will tell everyone upfront that I am an absolute novice at this stuff. I know just enough to be dangerous, and what I do know is mostly limited to how to read the instructions and hook my stuff up. Hopefully correctly :praying: Now to the...
  2. Something has to give -- speaker or display height?

    System Setup and Connection
    Being well aware of the ideal set-up consisting of all speakers' tweeters at the same height and at ear level, I have an issue. Displays centered at eye level are the ideal as well.(I'm wall mounting my plasma) ......so which one should I sacrifice?
  3. Ok, I give

    AV Home Theater
    I just want to look at peoples theatres and get ideas for the one Im currently building as well as share mine..... where to??? Thanks in advance. Computer idiot.
  4. Give your speakers power, QSC3602 on Def Tech BP20s!!!

    Home Audio Speakers
    Well i've finally gotten around to selling my DIY sub in order to put together an infinite baffle sub. In the mean time my PLX 3602 from QSC was sitting around because it's my sub amp and will eventually go back to subwoofer duty when I get the four 18" Fi IB woofers. I decided to hook the PLX...
  5. Now what? Please give comments

    REW Forum
    The attached files are my room layout and the center speaker REW plot. BFD or no BFD. The location of the sub is between the left speaker and the center speaker. That is what seemed to give me the best response. I put in a house curve of +5 at 30 Hz and 0 at 80 Hz. My crossover is at 100Hz...
  6. What would an upgrade give me?

    Hi, I currently have a Velodyne cht-10 in my system which is in my lounge. The room is around 2080feet so a smallish room. What would a svs pb12 give me that my old sub does not? I can't really have it much louder as I live in a terraced house, so neighbours either side! Cheers, Phil