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    Good morning all. I recently purchased a gizmo and I was wanting to confirm which cable(s) I would need to purchase. I'll be using the gizmo with the av123 525m. For a desktop setup, I was planning to purchasing this to hook up from the headphone jack of my laptop to the gizmo. Would this...
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    I'm tempted by the Gizmo sale. How would it do, though, with inefficient speakers like the av123 ELT525Ms (83 dB)? I'd probably use the set-up in a fairly large bedroom, being converted into an office. It's maybe 15' x 20' x 8' (It's in another state, and I can't measure right now.) EDIT...
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    I just upgraded my system with three SHO-10s and have a perfectly good center channel speaker available and unused. I would like to use it as a speaker for a TV which at present has no external speaker. The TV has provision for hooking up an external stereo amp. But how do I hook up a single...
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    So i bought some 14 AWG bare wires and it seems like its too thick for the binding posts... Do you think I would have to resort to buying pin or banana connectors? Thanks. I'll post up pics when I'm done installing my PC setup (my hard drive died last night! Talk about bad luck... :hissyfit:)
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    I recently bought Gizmos for use in two computer desktop 2.1 systems, each with two very small monitors and a cheap B stock sub. Crazy inexpensive for what it is and so much better than the retail "computer speakers" I had before. I just wanted to say, this is a fantastic product for this...
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    Was wondering if the sub volume tracked with the gizmo main volume on this version of gizmo? Thank you very much Ron
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    Well, the other day when I was talking with my mom, I found out that she had been watching more tv shows on the computer, so I decided to get her a Gizmo and already have a few athena Micra 6 speakers sitting around as well as the sub. It is going to be a big upgrade for her from an old Boston...
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    I have it everything plugged in but the gizmo is not turning on the display does not come on. Could I have a dead unit or is there something im not doing right?
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    Is it this one from monoprice? http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021804&p_id=665&seq=1&format=2 Does walmart, radioshak sale them cheap?
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    I'm of the opinion that the Gizmo is a nice little amp, especially after doing dweekie's mods. Been using it in my computer system for a while, and have been very happy w/ it. But, as usual, I'm looking to see if I can improve it further. Wanted to see if anyone has tried a different power...
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    I have a Gizmo hooked into my PC powering a pair of WAF-1's.. My issue is i noticed this morning that the gizmo is flashing a 14 on the screen.. any ideas?
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    When using the gizmo without a sub are you just supposed to boost the bass level in order to defeat the 100hz crossover? :no clue: edit: I ended up setting the bass boost to one position below max by ear, but still would be curious how it works.
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    I've connected it to my computer, but i get no sound. On the frontpanel, i'v got 2 flashing lines. Pliiiis help!
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    Hi. I recently purchased the Gizmo for use as an amp for my PC desktop setup. It's driving a pair of Energy CB-5s coupled with an Energy eXL:S8 subwoofer. Now, for the most part it sounds great, except I can hear a bit of what I can only describe as a crackle or fuzzy distortion at certain...
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    Hi, I recently bought a Gizmo / WAF-1 package. I have the Gizmo hooked up to a few sources but I noticed a bit of muddy distortion when I play some CDs through a Pioneer DV-563A. I'm thinking perhaps the Pioneer's output is too hot for the Gizmo. I have the 563A connected to the Gizmo...
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    Hey, bit new hear and I was reading around that many of you have modded your Gizmos. Can I ask what are the best mods to do to improve the sound quality?
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    Since this question comes up every now and then, I thought it might be helpful to sticky this info which is currently buried in another thread. Had a question the other day about how much power the Gizmo uses when on and/or in the standby mode. Didn't know the answer, so I picked up one of...
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    I have recieved my gizmo and hooked into my WAF-1's got a 3.5mm stereo to RCA and hooked everything up.. Plugged the 3.5 into the jack i was using for my Dell Soundbar. All my amp does is flash 2 lines.. What am i doing wrong? Were is the power button? LOL
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    So I finally have my office system dialed in the way I want it now with the gear I want and I have to say that I love the Gizmo classic (non bass tracking version). Here's what I like so much - I am using my soundcard to control the master volume so now adjusting the gizmo volume adjusts the...
1-19 of 67 Results