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    Does anyone know the slope of the 100Hz xover in the Gizmo? I remember seeing a frequency response graph a while back, and I'm thinking it looked like a 12dB/octave slope, but can't be sure.
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    I was just looking around trying to find what the Gizmo puts out for wattage at 8 ohms, but I can't seem to find it. Is it published anywhere?
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    What DACs have people used with Gizmo in a computer 2.1? A front runner for me is the Cambridge DACmagic. But there is no volume control, just on/off; so I'd have to pull Gizmo out from the back and use it's controls but then there's flashing lights when you put it in standby... The Matrix...
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    I'm helping a couple of friends shop for some new audio gear. They bought a house recently and it has some existing wiring and speakers that we are going to get up and running. The first possible Gizmo application is pretty straightforward. There is an office upstairs with some in-ceiling...
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    Well, I figured I'd give a shot at starting a new thread, since my previous posts about this issue weren't addressed. http://www.tweakcityaudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1935&page=3 The Music Streamer DAC has a 2.25V RMS output. Gizmo has a 3.0V input limit, but I have no idea whether this is...
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    Hey y'all, This is fairly late into the game, but for those of you who don't own a Gizmo and are looking for a two-channel amp, I thought I'd share my thoughts on it, as I'm a new first time owner of one. Disclaimer: I am, in no way, an expert on audio devices, nor do I consider myself to have...
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    I remember Craig said the Gizmo 1.0 was limited to an input voltage of 3 volts. Does anyone know if this is peak to peak 3 volts, or is it 3 volts RMS? Reason I am asking is I am seriously considering building in a USB DAC using the bantham board with has a 5 volt p to p output. That is equal...
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    Title says it all
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    Trying to figure out a way to stop the blinking madness while still being able to see it when I need (so no tape or paint). The LED flashes when in standby, which is of course annoying. [/B]ut less obvious and unmentioned is that it's a ******** bright LED when the unit is powered on. Not so...
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    When can we expect the 1.1 to be available? Any details would be much appreciated!
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    Seeing if anyone out there is running this combo. What do you use for the out from the iPod? How would this sound with x-ls encores?
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    I'm going to get a Gizmo for my computer setup. If you order through the website, is it v1.1 or v1.0? It seems to say v1.0 but I would have thought it would be v1.1 :no clue: What's the difference anyways? What do you lose if you have v1.0 instead of v1.1, or rather what do you gain with the...
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    Hey guys, Well my Gizmo came in yesterday. After letting it warm up a bit I decided to plug it in at home to make sure it worked before taking it to the office. Most of us know what good gear sounds like. For what we pay for some of our gear, it **** well better sound good. Do you know that...
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    I finally received my gizmo from the av123 speaker deal I ordered. Its pretty neat but I have a problem. The two sound cards I have that pass audio do it with pcm so the volume can't be controlled. From there the audio goes to my zero dac which then is passed to the gizmo without any...
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    I am looking at the AV123 package and wanted to know what most of you guys hook up to your Gizmo. I think from looking at the picture there is an in red and white, which obvously allows for a CD player hookup. Are you guys running your IPOD in and if so how? A 3.5MM in to the IPOD that splits...
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    Guys, here are the instructions for the Gizmo mod. Also, there is a warning from Doug about doing this. The warning ... Its not for the faint of heart as the components are all surface mount and do not lend themselves well to DIY mods. The instructions ... 1 – cut trace from IC-2 pin 1...
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    Hi Craig. Apologies if this has been asked and answered already but since you guys are modding Gizmos for the AV123 ELT/Gizmo deal would I be able to send mine in to have it's sub out volume issue modded? Thanks.......Carlo.
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    Here's a cleaner, simpler mod to the Gizmo that eliminates the wire mess. Front panel removed Top slides off after the panel is removed Front control panel connection removed from the board Binding post connections removed from the board Two screws at the rear removed After...
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    Gizmo + sub setup help - Craig, others... Right now I'm using a Gizmo connected to my pc to run Ref 0.5's and an Aperion S8-APR sub. The other day, I meant to adjust the volume of the sub, but was adjusting the crossover knob instead. Interestingly, I noticed a substantial change in what...
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    Considerering ELT525M, but they are really larger than I would like. Want to fit on desk at office, so should be small as possible. Help?
21-40 of 67 Results