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    Craig, I was asking for some advice over on the av123 forums, about a 2-channel amp to use in a 2.1 setup with my ELT525 monitors, and the thought occured to me that perhaps you had tried them together since you have the speakers, and presumably a sample unit Gizmo. My concern is this. The...
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    Sorry for the newb question...i tried searching but there are so many threads with gizmo in it... I saw the pics posted (of the front anyway) and was wondering a few things: 1. What are the numbers on the LED? The volume? Or...? 2. What inputs/outputs will this have? I know it will have...
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    MLS post in regards to X-Empower has me stoked about these products! http://av123forum.com/showthread.php?t=32088 Just truly excited to be moving in the direction of a true "all in one" unit Craig - can you tell us if the wireless options/units are gonna be DLNA compliant?:begging: If not...
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    The Gizmo made a debut in Chicago ... Here is what WhiskeyScroggins had to say on AV123 earlier: Here is a link to the thread:link Here is a closeup of the amp:
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    Hi all - Thanks to everyone who joined before April 1, 2008. There have been quite a few people who have joined since April 1, plus others who have expressed an interest in more than one Gizmo. First ... some updates on Gizmo, and what the crossover "fix" ended up being. We tried as hard as...
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    We've touched on this in a few post - but figured we could start a planning thread. Initially, mine will be used to power a desktop system that will turn into a dedicated 2.1 channel system....adding a USB DAC & speakers yet to be determined. At first it will just be passing through my Audigy...
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    Hi all, I thought we could start with coming up for a name for the X-19. The winner gets a FREE X-19 !
61-67 of 67 Results