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  1. impossible goals for my DIY's

    DIY Speakers
    Hello to everyone, I am a new member. Have been reading the posts for months. I got tired of having a speaker system with 35Hz to 17KHz but no imaging, presence or any of the other 50+ terms I learned working as a CET at a few audio stores. I decided to build a "good" set of speakers. My wife...
  2. Goals for EQ

    REW Forum
    After a great deal of effort and numerous dumb mistakes, I believe I am finally making some meaningful measurements. I have searched this forum looking for advice on how to interpret the graphs I am getting. While the answerers to those posts have been somewhat helpful, they are specific...
  3. Overall Goals for Room Treatment

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have been searching through the forums and I may have missed it so if this is a repetitive question could you just point me to the right posting. When tackling a rooms acoustics is there a general goal to get to? I would assume acoustical insulation works in the same manner as thermal...
  4. Goals of the New S-Series

    It looks like the S-Series speakers have undergone an update and will include new tweeters, woofers and crossovers. Just curious if any SVS reps would be interested in discussing the goals of the latest version of S-Series speakers and what improvements can be expected. I also see a new...
  5. Port velocity goals and aims? What are the side effects of high port velocity?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi all, I am curious as to what effets high and low port velocities have on a subwoofer build, why there are specific targets and what these optimum targets and benefits are? It seems when I model simple sub builds the port length seems very long? The wider the port the longer, the more ports...