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  1. Saying goodbye to Dad

    Care Chapel
    Last Wednesday after getting home from work got the dreaded news my dad had a bad heart attack,paramedics got him back but a second attack did him in.he was 80 and after battling diabeties for years his heart gave out. Only a few weeks ago we talked about him flying out to Cali to see my small...
  2. Memorial to a good friend... goodbye Walter Barno!

    Care Chapel
    Walter Barno 1959-2013 Walter installed our first car audio system in 1984... and sold us our first home audio system in 1984. I can thank him for getting me into car and home audio in such a big way. It is all his fault! Walter was a true friend that we kept up with faithfully over the years...
  3. Goodbye Panasonic Plasmas/Hello Apple OEM Supplier??

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hello, There are a number of reports out there discussing whether or not Panasonic is going to continue building PDP/LCD's and I am beginning to think at best there might be new Panasonic Plasmas offered in 2013. Here are some links: http://www.reuters.com/assets/print?aid=USBRE89F1BQ20121016...
  4. saying goodbye to that HTIB and saying hello to a new setup

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    For 6-7 months I've been reading up and getting all the data. My needs/wants/limitations keep changing.... but with the " or get off the pot" message growing in the back of my head, its time for action! So far I have confused myself quite a bit. I read something that always conflicts what I...
  5. Had to say goodbye to a friend today

    Care Chapel
    We had to put our dog Pete to sleep today and man I am gonna miss him so very much. My family and I picked him when I was 10 years old. Now 13 years later and many laughs and good times later he is gone. RIP~ Peter Becker July 12 1993 - July 27 2006 ~Bob