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    <p dir="ltr">Hello, We wanted to reach out and let you now that we will be moving the site off our current hosting platform to the Google Cloud. There may be a period adjustment, but we are hoping that this platform will provide a more reliable environment for the community. As we get closer...
  2. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Google Play has announced that 4K movies are now available for purchase. This is a big move for the streaming service, and is sure to further strengthen its growing market presence. Just over five years ago, Google Play began offering movie rentals to U.S. based Android devices. At the...
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    GOOGLE PLAY TO RELEASE EMIC A SHORT FILM INSPIRED BY INTERSTELLAR FROM AWARD-WINNING FILMMAKERS DAVID BRODIE AND ANGUS WALL Short Film Debuts March 17th Exclusively on Google Play in Conjunction with Release of Paramount Pictures Feature Film, Interstellar on Digital HD LOS ANGELES...
  4. Testing
    Cool, this works.
  5. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have a couple of things I need designed for my cabinet guy if anyone is doing this now. I don't mind paying, although this won't be a real big deal... pretty simple. Reply here or shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  6. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    I talked the other day about Google's foray into the streaming TV hardware market with its tiny (and cheap) Google Chromecast device. For only $35 you can get this little HDMI connecting dongle-type device that sports a WiFi connection. With it you can stream TV from YouTube, Netflix and the...
  7. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    It seems Google has hopped on the bandwagon in terms of providing a low footprint, affordable piece of hardware for streaming video to the television set. Recently announced is the new $35 tiny streaming video device called the Google Chromecast. This is after their failed attempt in this arena...
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  9. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Bought a Google Nexus 7 this week, So far really cool and fast. I have not hacked/rooted or unlocked for more functions yet, gonna get the 4G (cellular internet) next week. It's only 50 more. I'm off to try some remote control apps later. In my experience to do social and email plus web it's...
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  13. HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    After the CES 2012 unveiling, users have waited eagerly for LG’s Google TVs to become available. LG’s two new 47 and 55 inch G2 models have now landed, complete with the new Google TV platform. The TVs are already shipping out to customers in the US. The Google TV platform has had a rough start...
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    Press Release: ONLINE PRE-ORDERS OPEN TODAY FOR HIGHLY ANTICIPATED VIZIO CO-STAR™ STREAM PLAYER WITH GOOGLE TV™ FOR $99.99, SOLD EXCLUSIVELY ON VIZIO.COM Free-Shipping Offer Available for a Limited Time WHAT: VIZIO, America's #1 LCD HDTV Company*, announced today pre-order availability of its...
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  18. Forum Announcements | News
    If you use Google for your search engine and have cookies enabled, they store a cookie on your computer that creates what is called "Interest Based Advertising". The short of it is that when you visit sites that show Google ads, you will likely see ads related to products and services you have...
  19. Testing
    When you consider how much of the recent press about the Google TV can't do -- play Hulu or stream video from most network websites -- it looks like the current focus over on the official Google TV blog is to highlight what it can do right now. First up is a "Best of Google TV" post that...
  20. Testing
    Now that Google has launched its TV platform, the YouTube interface designed to make browsing those vids similar to watching standard television has officially launched as well. YouTube Leanback is all about fullscreen video playing immediately, so if you bring it up on your Google TV device...